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Good With Words: The Droga5 Touch
By: Christine Amy
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Indeed, it is some form of celestial wording drug that the Droga5 crews worldwide seem to be ingesting as a means of opening the creative juice floodgates. With masterpieces like Droga New York’s “After Hours Athelete” Puma spot and Kraft Atheno’s “YiaYia,” Droga definitely seems to be raising the bar for manufacturing ingenious, soulful, and playful copy. Laced with a sense of stoic seriousness, however, the company’s tone appears to be latching on to a trend; a sort of believable parody that achieves respect via wondrous wording. 
Last week, it was Droga Australia’s new endeavor for Kraft-owned candy bar Boost that caught our attention with gimmick goodness and visual indulgence. Constructing an art form, dressing its bare bones, and tying it relevantly to a chocolate candy bar, Droga drops “Moreing,” a way of life that the company defines as “the curated multiplying of the same object in one space.” Releasing the first of various shorts for their “Boosted Inspiration Series” on May 16, Droga sets out to sell the larger, more satisfying size of their client’s candy bar by turning its characteristics into a way of life that translates into fashion and language. The spot kicks off with an introduction into what “moreing” consists of, establishing it as a respectable branch of self-expression while subliminally feeding us a unique selling proposition. Sneakers, sunglasses, hoodies, flip-flops, speakers, and even American bulldogs are tripled, quadrupled even, all in the name of art. Hip b-boys wearing way too much of the world on their bodies then proceed to tell us about “Leo,” the protagonist and “artist” behind the “moreing” lifestyle. The main character grabs our hand, leaps, and submerges us deep into the executional brilliance of the spot, guiding us through some of his pieces and buttering our brains up with the idea that less is more may very well be out. As we sink to the bottom of the conceptual ocean floor, the Droga touch seems ever-present with sculpture names like “The Gnome-tem Poles,” and eye-popping photography and art direction. The spot’s invitation to search for the term “moreing” online leads us to a microsite that makes us want to eat the idea up even more, with claims like “The 'Morer' creates impact through repetition. What separates 'Moreing' from 'Clumping' is curation, structure and an artistic sensibility.”
A successful social media presence and 15,000 hits since its release a week ago shows the promise the next installations hold and just how effortless-looking the agency’s charm and wits can be. Droga work beams with the presence of good writers behind the smoke and mirrors, a dying breed amongst such a visually dynamic world where graphics claim the throne. In short, Droga makes it look easy and openly returns an inch of spotlight to those behind the ideas.

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Hailing from the world's fried food and scorching temperatures capital, Christine Amy is a Puerto Rican copywriter with a passion for words, music, and simple ideas. She has a Master's in Advertising Design from Barcelona, and is a freelance writer for both Beyond Madison Avenue and Dailybeatz, an indie music blog.
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