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Brands: Use Social Media to Follow Trends
By: Michael Lindquist
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Creating original content for your website and social media pages can be tough. Regardless of the goods or services your brand has to offer, it is important to develop a positive relationship with your followers. Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used channels to connect with potential customers and loyal fans, so remember to update your pages regularly.

It is also important to keep up with current events and topical information. Whether it’s sports, movies, technology, or politics, your brand can be a part of the discussion while maintaining your overall message. Try to look through your brand’s scope to offer perspective or information relevant to what is going on in the world.

Twitter can be a great tool to listen to the masses. With the use of regional and international trending topics, brands can become involved in whatever is being discussed in the social media stratosphere. The world of sports has adapted well to the new media trends. Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the NFL Draft, people are socially engaged on a multitude of levels.

This past week included some major socially engaging events. The NFL draft and the NBA playoffs created a huge wave of tweets and status updates throughout the weekend. The largest spikes in social media comments came during the first five picks of the NFL draft. The Indianapolis Colts selected Andrew Luck to kick off the 2012 NFL draft, and everyone had their tweets armed and ready to go. Several players earned a spot on Twitter’s top trends list over the weekend. In all, Bluefin Labs reported over 1.7 million social media comments during the draft. 

Along with the random trending topics that seem more like high-school yearbook sections, such as #IRememberWhen or #ICriedWhen, popular movies and television shows tend to creep up on the top trends list. Over the weekend, I Am Legend jumped to the top of the trending list while airing on TNT. Fans gushed over the 2007 post-apocalyptic thriller, reminiscing about their favorite scenes, speculating about the possibility of a sequel, and simply announcing they were watching the film. 

These events might seem random or unimportant, which is what many believe Twitter to be, but Twitter and Facebook are an influential component of today’s media. It is common to see television viewers or sports fans with their phones out checking in to Twitter or updating their status on Facebook. Advertisers have recognized this phenomenon, and they are finding new ways to join the social experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bank, restaurant, sporting goods store, or an orthodontist. Your brand can benefit from following the trends and becoming part of the discussion. The younger generations will grow up one day and need something like good auto insurance. They will be more likely to remember the brand they found on Twitter rather than the brand their parents used. TT’s (trending topics) can help advertisers track what their audience is discussing, spark new ideas for blog posts, and create the opportunity to infiltrate a new market. Original content is good, but following the trends can increase your brand’s exposure and make you a part of the conversation. #TheEnd


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Michael Lindquist has a strong passion for art, entertainment, and advertising. As a child, he learned it was okay to color outside the lines, because the lines only restrict your creativity and imagination. Find him online here.
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