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Are We Entering Adtech’s Era of Accountability?
April 24th, 2017 by The Drum
When it emerged that the Guardian was suing Rubicon Project (an adtech outfit that professes to be the friend of publishers) for non-disclosure of fees, the potential problems posed by adtech were spelt out. The Drum consults various sources to gauge how relationships between adtech and publishers will likely pan out. The more recent news of the breakdown...

Scale Matters: Advertisers are Opting for Instagram over Snapchat
April 21st, 2017 by Digiday
Instagram is mimicking Snapchat, and Snapchat is feeling the pain. Eight months since Instagram rolled out its Stories feature and just over a month since it launched ads on it widely, it has already surpassed Snapchat. The feature not only has more people using it daily (200 million versus Snapchat’s last reported 158 million) but is also increasingly attracting more ad dollars. Agencies tend to drift where the action is, and, right or wrong, the general feeling is Instagram is on the upswing while the early buzz over Snapchat...
The Washington Post Cuts Off Ad Tech Vendors Slowing Its Site
April 20th, 2017 by Aaron Whitaker
It’s hard for publishers to say no to vendors that advertisers want to work with. But in its effort to speed up advertising, The Washington Post has had to rethink its use of vendors. As the Post has built on its own proprietary ad products, it has cut out several of the ad servers, ad builders, native-ad and video vendors it used to work with.
Sports Drink BodyArmor Unveils First TV Ad with Kobe Bryant at the Helm
April 19th, 2017 by The Drum
BodyArmor, a relatively new player in the sports drink market, has unveiled its first ever television ad campaign, and at the helm of its creative direction is former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Bryant is a huge investor in BodyArmor, having plunked down millions through his Kobe Inc investment company, making him the third largest shareholder. He has deals with plenty of top-ranked athletes in all the major sports to help push the drink out to the public, and nine of them are in this first campaign.
Red Nose Day USA Launches Third Annual Campaign by Asking Americans to Get Their ‘Noses On’
April 18th, 2017 by The Drum
Comic Relief is kicking off its third annual Red Nose Day fundraising campaign in the US in the lead up to Red Nose Day on Thursday, May 25. Already a three-decades-old charity telethon tradition in the UK, the US version of Red Nose Day aims to help end child poverty, one nose at a time. Red Nose Day is all about bringing the nation together to have fun...
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