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3 Valuable Lessons From Seth Godin: What Does it Mean to Be Remarkable?
May 3rd, 2016 by Hubspot
Trying to nail down Seth Godin's greatest strength is no easy task. He's a brilliant author, marketer, speaker, and entrepreneur, but above all that, he's truly mastered the art of getting straight to the point. Have you seen his blog? He carefully boils each post down to a few hundred words. No fluff. No fancy sentences. Just perfectly distilled lessons.

Creating Social Content? Hire the Person With the Least Marketing Experience
May 2nd, 2016 by Forbes
“But… we’re in marketing.” I hear it every time I mention that I don’t hire marketers for Big Spaceship’s content team. The concept often seems alien to agency folk – clients are paying us for our marketing expertise, so why am I hiring a bunch of amateurs? The truth is, the content game has changed so thoroughly in the past few years that I find most marketers to be amateurs at it. Instead I focus on hiring comedians, journalists, filmmakers, influencers and writers, favoring culture over marketing experience. Here’s why.
Finding Love At First Taste: Knorr
April 29th, 2016 by Emory Brown
You know, I’ve been macking on girls for some time, and I can say I’m pretty good. But I’ve been single for a while. Just chilling. Minding my own business. Swag up! Today I saw a commercial…well, not a commercial, but a video by Knorr, the food manufacturer. It made me want a steady girlfriend. I had to do a player-test. Wow! What’s going on? You good? Player having an emotional moment?
Why Your Loyalty Program May Not Build Loyalty
April 28th, 2016 by Hubspot
Loyalty rewards programs are a staple of retail and ecommerce brands, but what if they’re doing more harm than good? At their most basic, loyalty programs allow customers to accrue points or punch cards until free items or discounts are earned. But what if sometimes a simple “thank you” is all you need? Here’s the problem with a loyalty program that offers rewards of some monetary value: buyers often find the amount trivial.
Why Brand Is Key To Burberry's Future
April 27th, 2016 by Forbes
Recent talk that Burberry was, for a while at least, a potential takeover target, raises an important discussion about how vulnerable a business is to acquisition and what it can do to address that. In Burberry’s case, the vulnerability comes from a decline in market capitalization driven by a drop in its share price. Burberry’s finances have been impacted by a slower...
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