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How Referrals Should Be Part of Your Marketing
April 24th, 2015 by Cindy Wendland
There are those people who seem to know where to go, who to call, and how to get things done. They know the best restaurants, best dry cleaner, best accountant, and best party planner. Those people are relied on to help grow their businesses and get more done in the business world.

Pandora’s Emotional Blindfold Video Got Us
April 23rd, 2015 by Cindy Wendland
Marketing is based on emotional triggers. The best ads/commercials connect with you on some level and bring you to action. Around the holidays, we tend to see much more of this type of advertising. Going around on Facebook right now is a video Pandora created about the mother/child bond...
Mobilegeddon is Looming for Websites
April 22nd, 2015 by Cindy Wendland
It seems things don’t happen until there are consequences. Children don’t pick up their rooms unless they lose privileges. Students don’t study course material unless there is a quiz. Companies don’t mobilize their website until Google decides to demote them if their site is not mobile-friendly.
Prevnar 13 is One and Done
April 21st, 2015 by Cindy Wendland
These days people want to pop a pill. Want to lose weight? Take a pill. Want to gain weight? Take a pill. Want to be protected from heart disease? Take a pill. Prevnar 13 is a vaccine that can protect older adults from pneumococcal pneumonia. Their ad, “ONE,” says, “What if one push-up could protect you from heart disease? Wishful thinking, right? But one step can help with pneumococcal pneumonia.” We want easy solutions. We don’t want to be sick. Prevnar 13 capitalizes on this by showing a man doing a push-up.
Agile Marketing: The Shift from Nice-to-have to Must-have
April 21st, 2015 by Dan Naden
“Yeah, we're agile,” the Chief Marketing Officer says to the rest of his c-level colleagues. “We are flexible, nimble, able to respond to whatever the market needs.” The CTO looks quizzically in the CMO's direction. He knows the disorganized chaos that always plagues the marketing team from delivering on its promises.
Marketing Execution at the Retail Level
April 20th, 2015 by Cindy Wendland
We like to use organic cleaning products at home. One of our favorites is Full Circle. The problem is, we can’t get the product any more at our local grocer. We tried Target and had no luck. We tried Amazon and still no luck. We searched the company website and it appears it is still available. We found it on CoburnsDelivers.com, but we are outside of the New Hope, PA delivery area. What happens with marketing execution at the retail level to make products available? Ideas, policies, and procedures are generated and then passed down through the company.
Jay Z is Adding Tidal to His Music Empire
April 20th, 2015 by Emory Brown
Guess who’s back. Jay-Z! Once again doing what he does best and that’s distribute some of the hottest music on the planet. Yet, this time it’s not just his music…. it’s an universe of music from artist all around the world. “Tidal” is Jay-Guess who’s back? Jay Z! Once again, he’s doing what he does best — distributing...
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