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Three Facebook Trends CMOs Should Lean Into Now
June 28th, 2016 by Forbes
No one can deny the critical role Facebook has played in revolutionizing media for consumers. As a CMO of a large consumer-tech company, I also see firsthand how it’s changing how brands and people connect. As mobile takes on a bigger role in our lives and concurrently, ad blockers rise and disrupt...

Building Love in Family Life: Lego Dad
June 28th, 2016 by Emory Brown
Being a dad is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing like having a mini version of yourself or your girl or a combination of the two. Lego has created a dedicated place on Lego.com that celebrates the relationships great dads have with their kids and their Lego creations. When I first saw the commercial, I thought it was so cool because I have a great dad...
7 of the Best Facebook Live Videos We've Ever Seen
June 27th, 2016 by Hubspot
This week, Facebook announced grand plans to take their already successful live broadcasting platform to great heights. The announcement included product updates like two-person broadcasts, waiting rooms for viewers, and Snapchat-esque filters all in the works. With these updates in mind, carving out a strategy for Facebook Live seems like a no-brainer.
The Future of Branding is Debranding
June 23rd, 2016 by Fast Company
As digital media blunts the impact of advertising, brands are looking for new ways to lure consumers. The latest, buzziest effort has been to publish stories that look and feel journalistic. The key strategy of branded content or "native advertising" is to hide the commercial imperative, and even the brand altogether, so that readers think they're consuming a familiar newspaper...
CMOs, Here's Why You Should Care About Explicit Data
June 23rd, 2016 by Forbes
It’s time to take the next step with your data strategies. According to our recent research, customers, especially Millennials, want to drive the customized experiences and interactions they have with brands. To meet these expectations, marketers must make a profound shift and enrich their implicit data with the power of explicit, self-profiled preference data.
Ultralight Theft: Forever 21 Slammed for Copying Kanye West's Life of Pablo Shirts
June 22nd, 2016 by Digiday
Forever 21’s brand of imitating pricey fashion trends and reproducing them at scale is coming back to bite it. The fast fashion brand has apparently sensed an opportunity in — or suffered a major bout of FOMO from — Kanye West’s popular Life of Pablo clothing line, which reportedly pulled in nearly a million dollars in just two days at its New York pop-up back in March. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Forever 21 is coming off as incredibly sincere with a West-inspired t-shirt, complete with Olde English-script.
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