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5 Reasons Content Marketing is Perfect for Your New Business
Starting a new business can be stressful. Unless you’re building a category killer, you’re competing in a crowded industry that already has a number of established brands promoting their products as superior. How can you make sure that your brand will be seen as equal, if not more desirable?

Stew Leonard And The Greatest Marketing Story Ever Told
In 2003 my wife Jennifer and I bought our first home. It was an old stone colonial in Norwalk, Connecticut. Norwalk is located one hour outside of New York City. Just down the hill from our home was a Connecticut landmark named after its founder Stew Leonard. Stew Leonard’s, or as the locals call it Stew’s, is the world’s largest dairy store.

At Facebook, Math Drives Marketing – But Data Intelligence Reigns
It’s the tree-falls-in-a-forest question for today’s marketers: If a YouTube video goes viral with an unreceptive audience, is it really seen at all? Well, maybe if judged by views, but certainly not as measured by sales. With more brands clamoring for attention online than ever before, a creative campaign that doesn’t target...

Challenge The False Dichotomies Of Marketing
Being a marketing professor at a major business school, there are few questions from students that haven’t come up in one way or another over the years. By far the most common question I’m asked is about “B2C” (business-to-consumer) versus “B2B” (business-to-business) marketing.

Why We Use Branding To Pull, Instead Of Sales To Push
It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are: We all have a finite amount of time and energy, and how you expend your resources determines how well your business performs. Do you use the majority of your time to pull clients to you through branding, or do you push your message out there through marketing efforts, always in search of your next sale?

Juicero Built A $400 Gadget That No One Needs. That's Great News For The Company
Technology Twitter is very excited today by the news that Juicero – a $400 juice-making device built by a company that has raised $120 million, has a problem. Apparently you can squeeze the juice from the company’s juice packs, which run $5-8 each, with your bare hands! A Bloomberg report this morning suggests...

Four Cause Marketing Classics Passed Last Year – And A New Era Began
I’m sure I’m not alone in loving the Academy Awards’ “In Memoriam” segment, the montage of cinema greats who’ve passed away since the last Oscar fest. Their images conjure up so many memories and usually leave me with tears in my eyes. Looking back over the last year in the world of corporate social impact initiatives, it feels as if a memorial tribute will be in order when our community assembles at the upcoming Halo Awards. Presaging the end of an era, some of our country’s best-known cause marketing...

Nostalgia Marketing And The Search For Authenticity
I stepped inside the campus store and headed straight to the standard-issue fridges in the back. Something “new” catches my attention from the corner of my eye, drawing me in from the other side of the glass doors. It’s a Sprite, but it’s clearly special and has hints of red on the label. Oddly transfixed, I opt for the sugary drink instead of my usual tea brand. I didn’t even remember that it was an old favorite.

Digit Is Testing Its Users’ Loyalty With A New Monthly Fee
Digit, a popular app that automates savings for its users, will soon begin charging a monthly fee in what will amount to a major test of its Millennial fan base. The app, which monitors the activity in your bank account and diverts small amounts into savings...

April The Giraffe And Toys ‘R’ Us Continue To Ride The Viral Wave
Chances are, you’re familiar with April the Giraffe and her infamous pregnancy. Animal Adventure Park zoo in upstate New York has been live-streaming a video feed of April, promising that viewers would have the opportunity to see the pregnant animal give birth. And as Jen Wieczner of Fortune reports, interest is at...

Pepsi Just Showed Us Why Authenticity Isn’t Just A Buzzword
Anyone who thinks that authenticity has become an overused marketing buzzword might rethink their position after Pepsi decided to pull their ad featuring police, protesters and Kendall Jenner. The ad drew criticism almost immediately for being disingenuous and trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement. A Pepsi spokeswoman offered this statement in response...

How To Leverage Social Media To Build Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is defined as the partiality of a consumer towards one business or product over another, and it can truly make or break a company. It drives in-store traffic, visits to your website, word-of-mouth recommendations, and the conversion of leads to customers. This means the difference between profits and losses.

The Man Behind The Ford Brand’s Unique Presence In Hollywood
Alessandro (Al) Uzielli created and heads up Ford Motor Company’s Global Brand Entertainment (FGBE) office in Los Angeles. In 2004, when the FGBE office opened, it was the first internal product placement outfit for any of the American automotive brands. Uzielli and his team execute placements in film, television, and digital media for the Ford and Lincoln brands...

REI’s Force Of Nature Wants To Change The Game For Women Outdoors
Fresh off a successful campaign to change the way retailers approach Black Friday, REI is unleashing Force of Nature, a multi-pronged effort to change the industry’s approach to women as employees and customers. The outdoor co-op is hoping to advance gender equity in this category. REI was co-founded by a woman...

Transform Or Die: Navigating The Future Of Marketing
I was fortunate recently to attend the recent Brite Conference at Columbia Business School in New York. For ten years, some of the world’s best CMO’s and industry leaders have generously given their time to share best practice and help cascade...

How Arby’s CEO Is Pulling Off An Unlikely Turnaround
An Arby’s venison sandwich might strike you as disgusting, but it’s also a stroke of genius. Arby’s CEO Paul Brown has come up with menu innovations like that to drive growth at the once-downtrodden fast food chain. When the financial crisis hit, Arby’s suffered badly. Sales and margins shrank for three straight years...

Meet The Online Retailer That Grew $30 Million In 3 Years
It’s no secret that e-commerce is changing the retail landscape, with consumers routinely shopping online for what they need and want, regardless of the ticket price. But just how big of an influence can social media really have for retailers just starting out?

Uber, Netflix and the Rise of On-Demand Applications
Disruption. That’s a catchword you’ve probably been hearing a lot of these last few days. But what are they disrupting? And why does it need to be disrupted? The first answer, is the market. The second answer, well, that’s more complicated. Allow me to explain anyway. Back in the pre-Netflix era, when ridiculously expensive...

Want To Build An Inspiring Brand? Here Are Tips From CMOs At Airbnb, CVS Health And Centene
Consumers today don’t simply want to engage with brands, they want to be inspired. Companies like Airbnb, CVS Health and Centene are creating loyal customer relationships because they are doing business with a sense of purpose that their customers believe in.

Disney As Master Marketer: A Tale As Old As Time
Disney is, once again, providing a master class on how to build, market and deliver a relentlessly relevant brand. In 2016, the company pulled in $7 billion dollars by releasing seven of the year’s top-grossing movies, including Rogue One, Finding Dory...

Millennials Driving Brands To Practice Socially Responsible Marketing
America is bracing for big changes. As our population gets older, millennials are getting closer and closer to snatching the baton away from Boomers — not to mention the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. How are millennials going to collectively spend that $30 trillion? Nobody’s really sure yet, but one thing is clear: Millennials have distinct values, predilections...

Here's How Oprah Has Given New Life to the Weight Watchers Brand
Oprah is not your typical billionaire. She's a people person. She's empathetic. She really connects with her audience. She's compassionate, personable and approachable. She's just like everyone else. In fact, she has contributed her success to realizing she is not better than everyone else just because she has money.

The Importance Of Finding A Brand's Voice, Literally
In a piece written in 2015 entitled "Brand Voice Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means, But You Still Need One," Melissa Lafsky wrote "Brands that communicate successfully are successful brands. And in order to communicate successfully, you have to distinguish and define your voice."

How This Startup Bet Big On Instagram...And Won
Social media is a dominant force in our culture. Much can be said about social media from a consumer perspective. It shifted entire industries and created new kinds of celebrities. And it changed how we get our news. Yet there are great opportunities for companies to use social as a powerful revenue generator. Digital and social media advertising has skyrocketed in recent years. That’s why 2016 was the first year more money was spent on digital ads than TV ads. But how should companies leverage this dynamic medium?

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go Cheap On Your Logo Design
There's a certain magic to telling a story without even saying a word. When you think about it, we're not only talking about catching someone's eye, but having them digest emotion, personality, and passion...all in less than a second.

3 Lessons From Heineken On How To Run A Purpose-Driven Business
Heineken is on a mission to “Brew a Better World” and its 2016 annual report shows how both profits and purpose are pouring from the beer manufacturer’s business. Running your company with socially and environmentally responsible principles is more than a feel-good idea, it’s a critical aspect of operating a successful business today. And many of the world’s biggest corporations...

How Vans, A 50-Year-Old Sneaker Brand, Has Attained Eternal Youth
In the video launching Vans' 2017 global campaign, called "This Is Off The Wall," the brand defines its ethos through a series of fast-moving images. Surfers, skateboarders, graffiti artists and musicians are all decidedly "off the wall." A dork twirling on a hoverboard is not. The video is classic Vans, speaking to a young, free-spirited consumer. If there are any punk rock-listening, skateboard-video-watching teenage boys...

The Fault In Our Stores
Yesterday, Target became the latest retailer to report weak earnings and shrinking physical store sales. They certainly won't be the last. As more leading retail brands disappoint on both the top and bottom lines--and announce scores of store closings--analysts and investors may conclude that brick-and-mortar retail is going...

Living Proof That A Hobby Can Become An Enterprise - Meet Kevin Curry
As I have grown as an entrepreneur, I’ve met startup founders whose stories inspired me to change and improve how I operate my business. Instead of keeping those lessons to myself, I’m sharing them with the Forbes community in a series I’m calling Lessons From Innovators. Kevin Curry is the founder of FitMenCook, an online community that encourages people to live their most...

HarperCollins Brings AI To Book Recommendations
Publishers have always emphasized the power of word-of-mouth marketing when it comes to selling books. Booksellers are expected to hand-sell titles to bookstore patrons for this reason, and the shelves are often peppered with "employee recommendation" markers meant to boost interest in specific books. So it should come as no surprise that this process is increasingly...

NASA Delivers A TED-Like Presentation To Announce Earth-Size Planets
When two astronomers bump into each other in the hallway, one doesn’t say to the other: “We’ve discovered seven Earth-sized planets in the Goldilocks Zone just 40 light years away.” The astronomers might say: “The transiting configuration of seven temperate exo-planets around the ultracool dwarf star..."

How This Founder Created Three Successful Businesses In Three Years
Erika Geraerts knows how to stay busy. This 27 year old from Melbourne, Australia started her first company with two friends in September 2013 called Willow & Blake, a copywriting and editorial agency. The agency was followed by Little Big Sugar Salt, a cafe in Melbourne, and Frank Body, a skincare and beauty company...

How One Brand Is Hitting The Emotional Quotient
Everything about reaching out to today’s target audience is about developing some level of engagement where the potential or existing customer becomes emotionally vested in the information that a brand shares with them. The objective is that the emotional quotient becomes a large enough part of the equation...

5 Branding Mistakes That Make You Look Amateur
Most money-strapped entrepreneurs figure they can leave the design of their website to their later stages when more capital is available. They think their site still has a chance of thriving amongst their pool of competitors if it directly commissions the right content. In reality, however, a site’s design is much more important to a fledgling business than most would imagine. In today’s world where everything is online, consumers will head to a site’s website to determine its legitimacy.

Take That Amazon: Walmart Buys Moosejaw For $51 Million
Walmart has purchased Moosejaw for $51 million, a move aimed squarely at besting Amazon in the apparel and sporting goods categories as the battle heats up. Walmart will now have a presence in a category reeling from consolidation and disruption. Moosejaw is largely an online seller of outdoor gear and activewear, with 10 brick-and-mortar locations.

Why You'll Be Getting Better Valentine's Day Treats This Year
Get this: at Max Brenner, most gifters will buy boxes of treats for their better halves on February 13 between noon and three. Did someone say last-minute lunch hour? I have an enormous sweet tooth. I store melt-in-your-mouth Royce chocolates in my freezer and have some kind of candied stash at my desk. But the indulgence better be worth it.

Whole Foods Shows Why Companies Need To Plan For Success
Whole Foods Market is shuttering its store in Davis, California, today — one of nine the high-end grocery chain is closing after posting six consecutive quarters of declining same store sales. The Austin-based company is becoming a victim of its own success. The organic food business it had a big hand in creating is exploding. Yet most of the growth is benefitting...

How U2's Bono And The Color Red Elevated Purpose In Business
Red is the color of blood. It’s historically been associated with sacrifice and courage. In the U.S. and Europe, red also represents passion, whereas in Asia, it symbolizes happiness and good fortune. Now because of Bono and Africa, the color red represents how business can stand for purpose beyond profit.

Kylie Minogue And Kylie Jenner Spar Over 'Kylie' Trademark
Australian singer, songwriter, and actress Kylie Minogue has cause for celebration after beating Kylie Jenner in a legal battle over the trademark of the name Kylie. Kylie Jenner (and her sister Kendall) submitted U.S. trademark applications for their respective first names back in 2015. Kylie wanted to protect her name in relation to advertising, entertainment and personal appearances...

Why Audi's Super Bowl Ad Failed
As the determined little girl steered her homemade go-kart and zipped past the all-male competition, her father worried darkly over the challenges she’d face when she entered the workforce. “Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man..."

'Logan' Super Bowl Spot Is Another Touchdown For A Superb 'X-Men' Marketing Campaign
The trailers for Logan have used unconventional musical choices to the fullest thus far, and this Super Bowl spot is no exception. The 30-second spot uses "Amazing Grace" to add poignancy and pathos to a well-constructed action montage just as the first teaser used Johnny Cash's "Hurt" to let fans know that this wasn't going to be a conventional comic book superhero movie.

How 'Star Wars' Turned The Super Bowl Into Movie Trailer Rerun Season
We're slowly getting word about which studios will debut commercials for which upcoming movies on Sunday night's Super Bowl telecast. Paramount/Viacom Inc. just dropped a Ghost in the Shell TV spot this morning and we can confirm that Sony will be plugging their upcoming Ryan Reynolds/Rebecca Ferguson...

How Unilever Is Winning With Millennials And Gen Z
When price points are similar, brands are facing extreme difficulty when it comes to standing out. But just as with the millennial generation before them, there is one key way that brands can resonate with the pivotal generation z: by offering proof of purpose beyond a bottom line.

What Car Dealers Can Learn From Pizza Delivery
It’s commonly said in the auto industry that if the original Henry Ford were brought back to life, he would have no trouble recognizing auto retailing today as closely resembling the way it was first set up over a century ago. That’s a little unfair, but it’s not entirely wrong. What is fair to say is that the auto industry...

How To REALLY Engage With Your Social Media Audience
What do you consider social media marketing? For most businesses and brands, the answer is simple: an opportunity to publish relevant content, grow your follower base, and generate both thought leadership and engagement.

The Case For Brand Scarcity In An Era Of Abundance And Accessibility
We live in a time of abundance. Advances in technology have torn down barriers of acquisition and made it possible to receive most any good or piece of media with the simple click of a button. In terms of convenience, this returns an unprecedented amount of hours back to our everyday lives as we no longer are required...

How To Prevent 'BrandSlaughter'
As entrepreneurs we put a great deal of focus on our visible company attributes such as logo, colors, name and website, reputation, and the esoteric traits of brand promise. But what is a brand, really? It is people’s “gut feelings” about a product, a service or an organization. A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they (your customers, prospective customers and employees) say it is.

How Visual Advertising Will Change Marketing In 2017
Today, digital advertising is expected to grow to an annual spend over $335 billion by 2020. The industry is booming, taking over search ad spend at #1 in 2016. However, with constant increases in ad volume and spend, what’s happening to returns? The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is a miniscule fraction of a percent: 0.06%. Even of this...

Barnana: How Three Friends Created A Multi-Million Dollar Business UpCycling Bananas
To combat food and resource waste the concept of upcycling food has recently been gaining mainstream popularity. It’s estimated that one third of the world’s food supply is either lost or wasted, with fruits and vegetables having the highest waste rate of any food produced. Aesthetic shortcomings alone cost farmers on average 20% of their crop yearly. But, what if the old adage...

To Discount Or Not To Discount? That Is The Question
In retail, it’s an age-old question of whether it is a good strategy to discount products. It’s not only about whether or not it will dilute the brand image, especially when it comes to high-end global luxury brands, but it is also about timing should a retailer decide to try discounting. In the discount game, there have been winners and losers.

The Biggest Threat To Content Marketing Isn't Fake News
Everywhere I look, it seems like the legitimacy of media outlets and content itself is being questioned. And if you’ve been on social media any time in the past year, you know what I'm talking about: fake news. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what fake news is — and that it’s a problem. It’s making audiences think twice about which media sources they can trust...

5 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy
When it comes to marketing yourself on YouTube, there is really only one golden rule you need to know—and yet, it’s the most difficult one for everyone to execute. Volume. Wins. Ask any full-time YouTuber, social celebrity, successful vlogger, or brand on YouTube and they will tell you that their viewership rose as soon as they started increasing their volume. Now, there is a tipping point, and you can’t simply be publishing rubbish content and expect it to perform well. The perfect intersection is quality content...

5 Digital Marketing Ideas That Could Improve Your Brand Growth in 2017
With 2016 officially in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start thinking about how your marketing strategy will evolve in 2017. It’s a good idea to step back for a moment, assess the success of last year’s marketing campaigns, and consider ways to evolve your digital strategy in the year to come. Overall, 2016 was a year filled with changes and advancements in the digital space.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Influencers (But Were Afraid To Ask)
Anyone who thinks that millennials are lazy hasn't met an influencer. They're out there hustling all day, errday. Ok, they’re not saving lives but it’s actually a tougher gig than you’d expect. They've got to write, shoot, build brand partnerships...

Top 10 Trends That Will Transform Digital Marketing In 2017
Social and digital marketing have hit their stride — and now that everyone is back from winter break and settling in to the new year, it’s time to review the lessons learned from last year, and look forward to what’s needed for your company to shine in 2017.

7 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2017
When I go online, do you know what I see? Noise. Well, I hear the noise. Content here, the information there, join my list, free product today. Noise, noise, noise. Content, content, content. I always ask myself, are people really able to stay in business with so much competition? And what about the big brands of today? How are they marketing themselves to stay relevant with such a rich and diverse startup culture on the rise? And what about mid-sized...

Three Ways To Give Your Brand A Happy New Year
If our brands are happy, we're happy. So let's kick this new year off with three insights, any one of which could dramatically improve the happiness, health and resonance of your brand in 2017. These three insights start way up stream and finish at your advertising agency's doorstep. Intrigued? Let's start with the whopper.

3 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Won't Help Drive Your Business' Sales
In a world of celebrity marketing and the era of Kardashian reality, many brands have entered into the realm of celebrity endorsements through social media. Most of us have seen the Instagram posts from Kim, Khloe and all of the other “Ks” where they make claims on a product that has magically “changed their life.” But let’s get real. Did this directly impact the sales for those brands?

The Last Place One Would Expect to Find Design & Innovation: The Dentist's Office
In a year of searching for a good dentist in New York City, I happened upon a pretty amazing one, in a class by herself when it comes to design sensibility and customer touchpoint innovation, and unlike anything I’ve seen before. I would venture to say there is no practice like hers anywhere. It starts with a vision...

Marketing Resolutions For 2017 From CEOs And CMOs
As the new year begins, I thought it would be interesting to hear from CEOs and CMOs on the resolutions they have for marketing and marketers. Below is a collection from a variety of different companies and industries--from GE to CareerBuilder to Ashley Stewart to Comcast. Make Data Actionable, and Prioritize Personalization...

Subaru Hits Another Sales Record, In Part By Going To The Dogs
Subaru of America continues to run ahead of the pack, having already beat last year’s sales record before the end of December. For 2016, the company expects record sales for the eighth year in a row, passing 600,000 units for the first time. Subaru of America said it passed last year’s record of 582,675 as of Dec. 21.

Is Content Marketing Truly Timeless?
As a content marketer, I’ll dote on content marketing for days—I just can’t help myself. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to marketing and advertising, and marks a deviation from the hard-persuading borderline-manipulative advertising styles of old. If executed correctly, with a solid strategic backing, earning...

Why Influencer Marketing Will Explode In 2017
A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months. But what exactly is “influencer marketing”? Well, it’s the grey territory between an official testimonial and a subtle product mention, which is done almost in passing.

Why Education Is The Best Marketing
There are a variety of options when it comes to marketing tactics, but one of the best investments isn’t in social media, billboards, or websites, but instead in education. Many companies take advantage of education to teach customers about their products and to keep customers coming back for more with great success.

3 Tips For CMOs To Improve Conversions With Optimistic Marketing
Congratulations, you’ve just survived one of the most divisive political seasons in recent memory. Being inundated by political ads could convince the most seasoned marketing executives that negative works. But, don’t forget the flip-side of the same coin. Optimism also sells. When you inspire your target audience, you’ll find that customers...

How One Ambitious Veteran Launched His Business From Afghanistan And Built His Instagram Empire
Two years ago, Luis Garcia was serving in Afghanistan for the U.S. Army. From his mobile phone with limited signal, he discovered Instagram and forever changed the course of his life. Today, Garcia is one of the most influential people on the growing social media platform. As of the publication of this article, Garcia’s three Instagram accounts alone have more than 6 million followers and get more than 30 million impressions a week. But before he had millions of followers, and before he joined the military...

What Are The Marketing Jobs Of The Future?
As we wind down 2016 with an eye toward 2017 and beyond, I figured it as good as time as any to ponder what kinds of jobs lie ahead in the marketing space which of course is an an ever-shifting field. What is popular right now may be all but irrelevant...

17 Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2017
December is the time of year when every strategist should be taking a step away from the day-to-day and giving a good hard look at the past year’s performance. After all, if you’re not paying attention to what has worked (or hasn’t worked) over the past 12 months, how are you going to know what to adjust in the months to come? For 2017, here are 17 trends you should be paying attention to...

This Jewelry Designer And Social Entrepreneur Is Redefining What's Most Valuable
Life can change in an instant. For Monique Péan, it was the death of her sister Vanessa in a tragic car accident. “She was 16 and amazing and full of life, so intelligent," Péan said. "I had to really take a moment to think about what had happened and how I wanted to lead the rest of my life."

The Apple AirPods Seem To Be A Hit Already
This morning Apple tweeted that the much-anticipated and long-awaited AirPods were available for sale starting this morning online and will be in stores across the world next week. Was this a marketing tactic/strategy of some sort to really get demand hot and heavy before it comes time to have new toys under one's Christmas tree? If so (marketing tactic/strategy), it seems to have worked and worked beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Yeah, I Bought That Podcast Shirt. Here's Why.
On August 30, 2016, Death, Sex & Money podcast host Anna Sale tweeted about a shirt with a ridiculous name. Yes: this is the Podcast Co-Host Top In Midnight from ModCoth. The Shirt faced a swift whirl of judgment and praise in a micro-rehashing of 2015's The Dress incident. The response was largely of the eye-rolling, I-can't-even variety...

Marketing Hope: How To Build A Brand Movement
For most of my career, I’ve been in the business of making lightening strike twice, or with a little luck, even three and four times. My job was and is to make hits happen, and then build brands on the platform of that success that allow for hits to happen over and over again for the same artists. In order to do this, I have to build a cult of personality, and then find a story that connects...

Lessons In Pricing A Product: Why My Startup Rejected The 'Freemium' Model
One challenge every entrepreneur faces is figuring out the value of the product they are selling, and how best to price it. Some entrepreneurs may be tempted to give away their product for free at the outset (aka “freemium”). It sounds like a good idea, right? If people are using it, they will learn about your product, which might lead them to purchase it in the future.

Renegade Fashion Designers Create New Manly-Me Market
As someone once pointed out, every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man. But, definitions of “sharp dressed” today are evolving. Eschewing the Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani model of authority stylist, today’s designers are guys designing for guys. Which has led to an emerging male market with values not as buttoned-up as they once were.

If You Neglect Your Digital Brand, You're Throwing Away Ad Dollars
During my near decade in digital marketing, I’ve come to recognize a fundamental principle that cannot be ignored if one hopes to manage a successful campaign: If a business does not ensure that its brand looks good online, it will be wasting its money on internet marketing and other forms of advertising. This point may seem obvious enough but the problem arises on a regular basis.

Five Ways Companies Can Use Social Listening To Be More Responsive
Social listening is the wave of the future. It’s rooted in an age-old practice that goes back to the early days of customer feedback. But now, instead of bringing a suggestion or complaint to the customer service department, consumers are telling everyone how they feel. No more pencils and little scraps of paper. Today's customers announce their pleasure, or displeasure, to anyone...

How This Company Raised $10 Million For the Environment on Black Friday
As Black Friday online sales topped $3 billion, one retailer decided to use all that excitement to buy as a way to make consumers aware of the environmental challenges ahead of us. Patagonia announced last week that they would donate all of their sales from Black Friday to a cohort of environmental organizations...

Pre-Sales For 'Rogue One' Crash Fandango's Site -- And Disney Benefits From It
The release of blockbuster movies has become a series of events now, from big casting news, to countdowns and teaser trailers for trailers, to the actual trailers themselves, and now pre-sale tickets. If you’re suffering blockbuster marketing fatigue and feel as if the hype cycle never ends, that’s because it doesn’t.

The Graceful 'Graying' Of Black Friday Is A Response To Millennials
The term “Black Friday” is thought to have originated in Philadelphia about 55 years ago, and initially referred to the congestion and crowds caused by the busy shopping day that occurs on the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving. Over the years, however, the term “Black Friday” came to be associated with profitability...

How Not To Launch A New Product
We hear it all the time: “I’ve spent years working on a game-changing invention—a product that is perfectly set up to change the conversation in a category that drastically needs new thinking.” Here’s the problem: You aren’t in the conversation yet. You’re launching a brand new product, so you’d better make waves. You’d better yell, and you’d better not be afraid...

Will The #NoMakeup Movement Spark An Era Of Ultra Transparency?
When Alicia Keys declared this summer that she was going to stop wearing cosmetics altogether, she ramped up the Instagram #nomakeup movement to a whole new level. She was shunning makeup not for just a single selfie, but with the goal of sparking a revolution.

Is Your Marketing Authentic?
I was sitting down at a meeting the other day with someone who works in the cyber security space. And as we were discussing the industry, he informed me that there was so much information and hyperbole in the messaging and marketing that’s going on in cyber security. This made me think about marketing in general. As marketers, we naturally lean towards being hyperbolic. We want our customers to think we’re the #1 or we’re the best.

Marketing A Tech City: How A Cat Video Changed Everything
Over the past two decades, Alpharetta, Georgia, a city that is 25 miles from downtown Atlanta, has been transformed from a sleepy agricultural community to a magnet for technology companies. More than 600 tech firms – including McKesson Information Systems...

Don't Trust Marketing 'Lessons' From The 2016 Presidential Election
The election’s barely finished, and already marketers are getting homework assignments as a result. Fortune offers us lessons from the President-elect’s “Winning Marketing Manual.” Forbes also has lessons for us. And more lessons. And yet more. The Wall Street Journal called it a “Bad Day for Big Data.” AdAge, too, tutors us on this “testimonial to the power of marketing.”

Marketing 101: Green Initiatives
Global warming and environmental protection are heated topics lately, given the outcome of the American Election earlier this week. While many have been vocal in their agreement with the president elect that global warming is a fallacy, others have been prompted to be equally, if not more, vocal about not only their belief in the phenomenon, but their support to those who combat it.

7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017
Every year, I make predictions about what the coming year’s potential developments in the world of social media marketing. And every year, I have to think back and chuckle at all the people who claimed social marketing was just a fad—as little as a few...

Customer Experience Success Relies On More Than Marketing
In the fight to win the customer experience battlefield, most organizations put their marketing departments in charge. But it takes much more than marketing expertise and impact to succeed in customer experience. Operations, human resources, and finance must also take responsibility and undergo...

Trump Vs. Clinton: Old Marketing Vs. Modern Marketing Will Determine The Winner
Whoever wins tomorrow’s election, their success will have a lot to do with how they marketed their campaign. And in many ways, selling a candidate is not different from selling anything else. Do you remember the “4 Ps of Marketing” from Marketing 101? They are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

5 Things CEOs Don't Get About Influencer Marketing
It will probably comes as no surprise to you (or your CEO) that traditional banner ads have gotten increasingly ineffectual. In fact, according to Google’s Display Benchmarks Tool, the average click-through rate (CTR) of display ads is now only around 0.06%, and 47% of online consumers now use ad blocking technology...

Top CMOs Advise On How To Avoid Common Marketing Pitfalls
While one of the biggest marketing blunders in history was the White Star Line advertising the Titanic as “unsinkable,” today’s top mistakes in the profession are more likely to happen in the digital realm. In his book Chief Marketing Officers at Work, the CEO of digital marketing agency Josh Steimle met with some...

3 Ways Elon Musk Conquers Marketing
Gathered around a retired Desperate Housewives set on a Friday night, a few hundred people were able to witness first hand as Elon Musk unveiled his latest renewable energy venture – solar roofing shingles – alongside his other two major product announcements going to market in 2017, the Powerwall 2 and Model 3 car. The way that Musk markets and presents each new innovation, while maintaining a unified message...

Offline In The Digital Age: Why Traditional Advertising Isn't Dead
In today’s crowded marketplace, businesses (both B2B and B2C) are fighting to get their brands noticed. Marketers have a plethora of tools to choose from, whether they decide to use a solely digital strategy or incorporate a blend of both traditional and digital tactics. More importantly, brands need to begin thinking like their customer and understand how their target markets are accessing...

5 Ways To Overcome Marketing Stagnation
Your business will most often face difficulty when trying to stand out from the competition; especially when trying to redesign its marketing plan, which is subject to evolving offline and online channels. Sticking to the same marketing strategies may hinder you from growth and may likely send your business into a plateau. On the other hand, establishing a marketing plan that can deliver...

Inside Out: How To Build A Thriving Workplace Brand
Love All Serve All. This has been the corporate mantra at Hard Rock since 1971. While it was created as a customer-focused corporate purpose, it is one that shines out, and shines in. This company was ahead of its time in creating a culture where employees are encouraged to be themselves, from the hotel store clerk who could be a ringer for a member of ZZ Top...

Branding Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a reality, and want it or not, it soon will be part of our daily lives. In a recent study, Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicted that the artificial intelligence market will blossom to $153 billion over the next five years: $83 billion for robots and $70 billion for artificial intelligence–based systems. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that virtual robots...

The C-Suite's Newest Member Takes On Customer Experience
Just a few years ago, if the CIO was spending time with the CMO, it may have been a source of office gossip. But today, the boundaries between these functions have blurred, if not merged entirely – which means marketing and IT are closely linked. Some organizations have made the CMO and CIO union official by creating a new position: the Chief Marketing Technology...

ESPN Changes Sports Advertising Signage With CGI During World Cup Of Hockey
The latest version of the World Cup of Hockey has meant the return of this competition 12 years after it was last played, with ESPN’s coverage of the games featuring NHL players, and USA coach John Tortorella’s outspoken approach to a number of issues on and off the ice.

In The Era Of New Nationalism, How Will Global Brands Fare?
This summer has been one in which the dynamics both of globalism and anti-global localism have been strongly on display. The quadrennial Summer Olympics presented a world coming together in friendly competition. By contrast, the landmark Brexit vote in late June and anti-immigrant-influenced U.S. Presidential campaign seem to underscore a slide toward nationalism across the globe, raising business and marketing issues as well as political and economic ones. Given the intensity of these emerging anti-global, pro-local sentiments, how far-reaching might this trend be...

Online Marketing Analytics: An Underused Game-Changer
Indulge me for a moment while I compare the histories of marketing…and baseball. For most of the history of baseball, players were chosen based on a limited number of basic statistics—batting average, stolen bases, runs and so on. Although this information was better than nothing, these statistics only gave a spotty impression of an athlete’s performance and team decisions...

The Holy Grail Of Marketing: Customer Loyalty
Every CEO will tell you that having loyal clients is the key to growing a profitable business. While much of marketing nowadays is geared toward acquiring new clientele, it’s important not to forget the people who got you to where you are in the first place. Existing clients are the livelihood of any business. Establishing an authentic bond to ensure reoccurring business simultaneously ensures ...

Machine Learning Is Creating A Revolution In Digital Advertising
Machine learning is virtually everywhere behind the digital advertising scenes. There have been a number of ADKDD workshops in conjunction with KDD, one of the oldest machine learning conference. The advertising environment is (for the better or worse) very data rich, and the rise of programmatic buying...

The Promise And Reality Of 'Total Market' And How CMOs Need To Address It
Total Market strategy is defined by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies as “a marketing approach followed by corporations with their trusted internal and external partners which proactively integrates diverse segment considerations. This is done from inception, through the entire strategic process and execution...

Callaway's Stroke of Marketing Genius
Social media marketers have turned the world upside down. Video marketers have more often turned it inside out. And that, almost literally, is happening to the idea of what marketing should be. The traditional view is that marketers rely on the media to get their story told. That you have to hire expensive public relations agencies...

Poor Behavior: When Will The Uber Brand Reach Breaking Point?
The Uber brand is at an inflection point. Sure, the company has a projected current gob smacking valuation of $68 billion. However, in the past year, Uber has been playing fast and loose with not only their drivers but their customers as well, and their very high profile, seemingly Teflon brand, may be set to unravel. Evidence is building.

7 Email Marketing Tips For Marketers
Marketers should always use email marketing to stay connected with their target audience. Regardless of the different strategies open to marketers today, you’ll find email marketing to be integral to your marketing campaign. This is still the leading channel for getting the best ROI.

The Best Marketing Strategy Isn't Even Really Marketing At All
Marketing is all about making your brand (and your products) more visible to a wider audience. For decades, it referred to a series of intensive, action-based, outbound tactics designed to grab new consumers’ attentions. Advertising was almost synonymous with marketing, and marketers constantly searched...

A Simple Fix For StubHub's Advertising: Don't Forget The Call To Action
I am a resident of what is arguably the advertisement capital of the world, New York City. Since I also work in this bustling city, I have the fortunate or unfortunate (depending on your viewpoint) exposure to countless billboards and advertisements on my commute to and from work each day. It does not matter which route I take, there is no escaping the sea of ads. However, since I work in the digital marketing industry, unlike most New Yorkers, I actually look at the ads and at times even enjoy doing so.

How Marketers Can Find The Truth In Data
Data alone is not a great storyteller. Data by definition is facts. And facts shouldn’t conflict. They recreate the past, to help predict the future, solve cases and debunk myths by rooting out any doubt. But in the world of marketing, this isn’t always the case. Different data streams frequently tell different narratives – all of them buttressed by verified statistics. All of them convincing, at least on the surface. With data underpinning the largest brand activations and the lion’s share of most media plans, how do marketers know...

Emoji Marketing: Another Fly In The Mobile Marketing Ointment?
Not long ago, right here in these hallowed halls, as it were, I penned a piece with the not-so-upbeat title The Pathetic State Of Mobile Marketing And Advertising. The reason for my use of the word that is defined as being miserably or contemptibly inadequate was based on some findings of different mobile-related research.

Three Facebook Trends CMOs Should Lean Into Now
No one can deny the critical role Facebook has played in revolutionizing media for consumers. As a CMO of a large consumer-tech company, I also see firsthand how it’s changing how brands and people connect. As mobile takes on a bigger role in our lives and concurrently, ad blockers rise and disrupt...

CMOs, Here's Why You Should Care About Explicit Data
It’s time to take the next step with your data strategies. According to our recent research, customers, especially Millennials, want to drive the customized experiences and interactions they have with brands. To meet these expectations, marketers must make a profound shift and enrich their implicit data with the power of explicit, self-profiled preference data.

The Convergence Of Advertising & E-Commerce
The conversation around ad blocking continues to grow. In Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report, one of the feature slides in the advertising section shared that some 220 million desktop browsers and 430 million mobile users are currently blocking ads. Even when display ads do get seen, many question their effectiveness.

Cannabis Companies Under the Influencers For Advertising
Advertising regulations on marijuana can be pretty restrictive and vary from state to state. Just as there are limitations for tobacco ads, there are also limitations how cannabis companies can advertise for their businesses. For example, California allows medical marijuana to be advertised, but it has to contain...

How Facebook Could Dominate Local Commerce and Advertising
As president and co-founder of an online marketing platform, I’ve seen tremendous shifts around local commerce the past few years. Local news and print marketing have been upended by online equivalents that offer more personalized discovery, powered by social feedback. Local businesses already know that the lion’s share of their marketing should be online...

Why Marketing Needs To Promote The Product, Not The Promise
For two decades now, aspiration has been the watchword of branding. Sell people the story of who they want to be, the logic goes, and the brand wins an unmovable place in their hearts. At one time, many brand campaigns truly struck a chord as they resonated with consumers on an emotional level. We’ve reached a point, though, where many consumers can’t identify...

Can Personalization Make Advertising Great Again?
The denouement of the TV series Mad Men, set against the 1970s world of advertising, hinged on one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time: Coca-Cola’s “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” That’s when advertising was great. That Coke campaign came out at a very different time, with very different consumer expectations.

Advertiser ID Tracking And What It Means For You
There’s a powerful device out there collecting huge amounts of detailed information about your lifestyle, location, and habits—and it’s tucked away right in your pocket. Each smartphone is uniquely differentiated from hundreds of millions of other smartphones by something called an ad ID. Google’s version is known as GAID (Google Advertiser Identification) and Apple’s is...

Britflix, New Streaming Rival To Netflix, Could Be Coming From BBC
Love “Happy Valley”? “Broadchurch”? “Wallander”? Good news: You could be in for a lot more of your favorite British shows. The BBC is launching its own streaming service called Britflix, according to a new report, and it’s poised to compete with Netflix and other streaming services. The new service would be a collaboration between the BBC and its commercial competitor ITV...

How Sound Will Shape The Advertising Industry
“The internet was designed to replace infrastructure. Everything that I can buy in a store I can now buy online…So when new advances in technology require new infrastructure…I always worry there is something off there.” What if there was a technology for advertisers to send data to people’s smartphones everywhere they were, whether at home or in a stadium or walking by a store, regardless of whether there was wifi or bluetooth available...

To Foster Diversity In Advertising, Challenge Unconscious Bias
Difference is not deficit. For those of us in the communications industry, attending to our differences helps us craft messages with meaningful impact. Across industries, doing so makes us stronger. And as individuals, it can help us flourish. When it comes to diversity, I believe we are approaching a tipping point...

10 Ways For Brands To Program A Snapchat Channel
Forget 90% of what you’ve learned in social media marketing. It doesn’t apply to Snapchat. There are no likes, comments or hashtags. Virality is a foreign concept. So are links and URLs. The app known for ephemeral messaging and a massive Millennial audience has evolved beyond the web and beyond social media to become the first mobile media network — with a huge emphasis...

Creating Social Content? Hire the Person With the Least Marketing Experience
“But… we’re in marketing.” I hear it every time I mention that I don’t hire marketers for Big Spaceship’s content team. The concept often seems alien to agency folk – clients are paying us for our marketing expertise, so why am I hiring a bunch of amateurs? The truth is, the content game has changed so thoroughly in the past few years that I find most marketers to be amateurs at it. Instead I focus on hiring comedians, journalists, filmmakers, influencers and writers, favoring culture over marketing experience. Here’s why.

Why Brand Is Key To Burberry's Future
Recent talk that Burberry was, for a while at least, a potential takeover target, raises an important discussion about how vulnerable a business is to acquisition and what it can do to address that. In Burberry’s case, the vulnerability comes from a decline in market capitalization driven by a drop in its share price. Burberry’s finances have been impacted by a slower...

The Rising Success Of Rodan + Fields Thanks To Nontraditional Retail And Savvy Women
Think you know what a direct-marketing sales rep looks like nowadays? Think again. She’s the pretty mom at school drop off… the friendly neighbor next door… the funny friend everyone wishes they had. But even more than being a familiar face, she’s someone who is educated, successful and hard-working…

A Sneak Peek Into SnapChat's Advertising Revolution
When it comes to social media marketing and advertising, the top channels have long been Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Before this trifecta became cemented as the foundational pillars of social media marketing, the field was barely a thought for most companies.

Olympic Top Partner Gillette Reveals Rio Advertising Campaign
Only four months remain until the official start of the Rio Olympic Games 2016 and brands are beginning to unveil their marketing plans related to same. Gillette, a Top Olympic partner, has released a new :30 second spot as part of its new Olympic campaign as well as its global roster of athletes. Expect other brands to follow in close proximity as the days dwindle down...

Brand Madness: Marketing Winners And Losers Of The NCAA Tournament
Unlike other professional and college sports, the NCAA Basketball Tournament takes center stage capturing the entire month of March. It’s a goldmine for brands: There are no competing sports events, it touches all corners of the U.S., it’s followed by millions of rabid and loyal students, alumni and fans (all consumers), and it’s full...

How Traditional Marketing Is Failing Startups
Startups are the fuel to today’s economy. Unfortunately, startups also have one of the lowest survival rates. In fact, 9 out of 10 startup businesses fail. As a business owner myself, I can sympathize with the immense amount of work that goes into starting a business from scratch. It’s a monumental task, I’ll admit. And perhaps one that never really ends.

Research Shows Marketing Personalization Misses The Mark
Here’s what a leading CMO told me recently when I asked about the quality of their CX and personalization: “We are using new CRM technology to automate old, bad behaviors…not being guided by how our customers define improved CX. Result: High volume, irritating and brand damaging spray and pray.” Per VoC research conducted by our firm among customers and lost customers of leading brands, many marketers are kidding themselves when they say they’re doing personalization.

In Praise Of Advertising's Trojan Horses
David Ogilvy once said, Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. Watching the Academy Awards, I saw a whole flotilla of such ships - ghost vessels with no one aboard except the ship’s cat. The same was true of the Super Bowl.

The Next Imperative For Brands: Predicting Consumers' Needs
These days, fulfilling customer needs in real time is necessary to sustain competitive parity. But soon, “real time” won’t be good enough; brands will need to fulfill needs before customers are even aware of them. Consider a world where an Uber pulls up automatically because it knows you’ve got a flight in two hours...

How The Oldest Rules In Branding Are Shaping The Presidential Primaries
From the time we get our start in marketing, we learn how people absorb our messages through the irrefutable power of brands: Find a point of difference, create an emotional connection, promise a benefit to the end user. And is there any place better than the current election cycle to see this playing out in all its glorious, gory detail? I think not. Let’s have a look.

Is 'The Donald' Going To Trump Your Product Launch?
If you are planning on launching a new product in the next 12 months, take heed—the election cycle may be one of your biggest obstacles. The Most Memorable New Product launch survey, conducted annually by Schneider Associates andSentient Decision Science for the past 14 years, found that generating attention...

A Digital Marketing Tune-Up Guide For CMOs
Google Trends tells us we’re now a decade into the analytics revolution. Yet, a fall 2015 Association of National Advertisers survey reports that only 10% of senior marketers feel they effectively use customer insights to improve performance. Why? Maybe it’s a matter of consistency — or a lack of it. The novelist William Gibson said, “The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed.” In our recent work helping large, multi-channel...


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