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Original articles from Dan Naden.
Everything You Need To Know Before Signing Up for a Trade Show
“OK, what trade shows should we budget for this year?” Sheila, the stressed but extremely talented marketing director, asks her team. “Definitely TechZone Texas. All our competition will be there,” announces Doug, the newest member of the team. “I think we should attend Technify 2015,” shares Ella. “We went there last year and it was all right.”

Agile Marketing: The Shift from Nice-to-have to Must-have
“Yeah, we're agile,” the Chief Marketing Officer says to the rest of his c-level colleagues. “We are flexible, nimble, able to respond to whatever the market needs.” The CTO looks quizzically in the CMO's direction. He knows the disorganized chaos that always plagues the marketing team from delivering on its promises.

Before Clicking 'Send,' Learn from Your Brand's Past
I've seen it a thousand times. Marketing teams are in a rush, under the gun, to deliver leads. The quarter is coming to a close and the numbers aren't looking good. The team throws together some copy, hacks a design, performs some quick editing, and gets ready to click send. Joe, a new team member who recently joined the company, asks, “How have these campaigns performed..."

Your Personal Starter Kit to Defining Your Personal Brand
There's a deafening roar in the marketplace about personal brands. Branding isn't just about Burger King, Target, Chanel, Dell, and Walmart anymore; it's about you and your future. So how do you get started when you don't think you've a brand or don't know what it is?


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