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Original articles from Katelin McRaith.
Let's Live Stream Our Lives with #Periscope
This wonderful social media world started off with MySpace, then got taken over by Facebook. Adding to that, we came up with Twitter, Instagram, Vine, oh my! Now Snapchat has grasped our attention and we are adding on to our social media arsenal each and every day. What is next?

Uber to Hire 1M Women By 2020
By now, most of us have heard of Uber and Lyft, the safe-ride programs that are cheaper than a taxi. Uber has especially taken the world by storm, but recently news reports about the service have not been positive. Hearing these reports, Uber has set out with a goal for positive change.

On-Demand Shopping via Text: It's Magic
Have you ever found yourself stuck at home and in desperate need of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a Diet Coke, but have no motivation to leave whatever marathon is playing on your Netflix account at the time? Or have three kids who play three different sports and grocery shopping is out of the question?


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