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Original articles from Ashley Linn.
Last-Minute Tour Announcement Gives Fans Limited Time to Plan
The Internet news feeds and media flooded with excitement today as Jay-Z and Beyoncé made it official. They will be gracing the stage on tour together this summer! This news was great to me, considering I am a huge fan of their music and influences. However, pre-tickets are already going on sale, tomorrow! We are all aware these tickets for the “On the Run” tour will not be cheap.

Dark Lord Day: Word of Mouth Reaching Taste Buds around the Country
Some of the most memorable times of my mid-twenties were spent sitting with my friends and drinking craft beer at the local breweries. Living around the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area has helped me embrace many different types of these restaurants. There is one in particular that I always head back to. Three Floyds Brewery has been crafting beer...

Casual Guerrilla Marketing: Making it Work
I was focused on engaging with people who loved comedy as much as I did. I had a mission to get these people to the club so they could get sloshed and laugh at comedians. To my surprise, it worked! How did I succeed in doing this basic guerilla style street team marketing you might ask? Here are a few factors that helped me.

HitRECord.org Sets Positive Trend for Aspiring Artists
With so many A-list celebrities tossing around their brands on a daily basis, it's hard to decide which ones to trust. Watching the 2014 Oscars made me realize how disconnected I am from ALL of these celebrities, so why should I connect with their product? It is going to take a lot more than eating a slice of pizza at the Oscars on national television to convince me.


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