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Original articles from Jessica MacKenzie.
A True Rebrand or Does the Wendy's Brand Stand?
Rebranding can be a very exciting time for a company; however, it can also be a frightening transition to let go of the existing brand and adopt a whole new look. In a sea of competitors that have all embraced a new look and continue improving their logos...

I Like It A Latte
Wake up. Hit snooze button. Wake up again nine minutes later. Brush teeth. Get dressed. Get in the car. Scream at jerk in traffic. Take a sip of Starbucks Double Espresso, and suddenly all is right in the world. Everyone’s day starts out in a fairly similar format. We simply can’t start our day without our coffee.

Dove Truly Inspires
When turning on the TV, flipping through the pages of a magazine, glancing at a billboard, or turning your head 90º, media is throwing images of beautiful women wherever it has so much as one square inch of space. They believe that if they use these images of "perfection" to market their product, they will be successful.

Sprint Makes Everyone LOL
AT&T is a well-respected brand that, according to toptenreviews.com, holds the number two position among cell phone providers in the world. The company has strong brand equity and strives to lock down that top spot on the list. Most would say that AT&T is doing a great job positioning their brand...

A WestJet Wonderland
The most fundamental sales principle of all time: people buy from people they like. It’s that simple. Building relationships with customers (both current and prospective) is critical to a company’s success. But when you run a business conglomerate like WestJet Airlines, how can you possibly connect with consumers on an individual level?

Home Is Where Your Cat Is
It’s no secret that cats are taking over the world. A few years ago, cats became this Internet sensation and have rendered those of us with desk jobs as completely useless employees from 4–5pm (thanks, Buzzfeed). If you can sit there and say that you haven’t spent hours trolling the Internet...

Do Characters Cause a Brand Identity Crisis?
When it comes to using a character or mascot to personify a company’s brand personality, the verdict is in: They’reeeee GREAT! ...when executed properly. Having a "mascot," so to speak, allows companies to have a face that encapsulates their brand personality and can be an effective way to connect with consumers.


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