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Original articles from Peter Wipf.
Five SEO Resolutions for 2014
We all start the new year hoping to do better than we did the year before. It's a great concept, but success requires a specific and realistic plan. So when it comes to improving your website's visibility (and ultimately, your bottom line), here is a manageable list of five easy to implement strategies for a great SEO year.

Duplicate Content: Not Foe, Not Friend
Doesn't it annoy the guff out of you when you search for a specific term on Google, and the first ten results are the exact same article, simply hosted on different sites? (Maybe not if you're the author or sponsor of said article, but for the rest of us, it's a huge PITA). Such barrages of duplication often occur because a press release has been issued on the topic, and every relevant site has published it. Google searchers aren't happy about this sort of thing. And if searchers aren't happy, corporate isn't happy.

Successful SEO is All About the Writing
“Content is king!” It's a popular proclamation, but what makes it true? How do you garner swarming attention online, high rankings in search engines, wildly viral social media sharing? How can you lure customers in with it?


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