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Original articles from Tori Mends-Cole.
Facebook Is Getting Old Fast
Just shy of its tenth birthday, Facebook has grown exponentially from a young and hip fad among college students to a social media outlet that reputable businesses rely on for message outreach, brand growth, and more. Facebook's current functions and usability are a far cry from the purely social network...

Overcoming A Controversial Past
Although Coca-Cola’s chief historian categorically denies it, most people have heard about Coca-Cola’s long-ago switch from cocaine to caffeine. Now the most-recognized brand in the world, Coca-Cola was first invented to be a medicinal cure-all for various diseases and even impotence.

The New Armed Forces of the United States
Several significant improvements to the U.S. Armed Forces have reshaped today’s American military culture; it’s the new army of the Millennium! Earlier this year, the armed forces made a landmark move towards equalizing women’s roles in the military by lifting its own ban on women in direct combat.

Angels, Tweens & Lingerie
Who would have thought that the advent of Victoria’s Secret stores 36 years ago would revolutionize the underwear industry and how people went about buying underwear? During the 1970s, in the midst of the sexual revolution and the legalization of the Pill, the environment for intimate apparel was ripe for change. When Victoria’s Secret opened its first specialty store, social norms redefined these previously unmentionable garments...

Can A Sofa Kingdom Rep Ship My Pants?
To the utter glee of some pre-pubescent boys sitting nearby, two women at a local deli were lamenting the decline in good manners. One woman complained that nowadays, youngsters use “every bad word in the book!” One riveted boy exclaimed, “There’s a book?!” In fact, there are hundreds of books on profanity...

Spare Me The Favors
Doing a favor is defined as graciously doing something without the expectation of a payment or return favor. Of course, getting a favor you didn’t ask for often comes with its own strings attached and can be more of a hassle than the favor was worth in the first place. This is the predicament that the digital population faces. How? In order to give its users better and more personalized service...


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