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Original articles from Rosann Fisher.
This School Year, Stay Sharpie
As the back-to-school shopping season comes to an end, many consumers made last-ditch efforts this past Labor Day weekend to ensure that their children have everything they need on the school supply "list." Amidst aisles filled with bedazzled staplers (yes, Swingline has a fashion stapler line)...

Kraft’s ‘Old Birds, New Tweets’
Last week, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese launched a “senior social media takeover” in honor of the brand’s 75th anniversary. The campaign, run by agency CP+B, features two long-time (75 years to be exact!) mac and cheese lovers, Frankie and Dottie, who are 87 and 86 respectively.

Consumers Hunger for Tinseltown Tie-Ins
The practice of product placement in Hollywood has been around since the inception of motion pictures. Long the stopping ground for automobiles, beverages, and household products, there are some new players cropping up to capitalize on the “life imitating art” phenomenon — clothing and beauty brands. This past weekend was no exception.

For Orabrush, Video Milled a Marketing Star
At this year’s South by Southwest conference, panelist Robert John Davis, Executive Director, Advanced Video Practice at Ogilvy and Worldwide Interactive Marketing Director, said that fewer than four percent of YouTube videos reach 100,000 views or more during the Viral Is a Dirty Word: Strategic Video Success session. t’s a humbling fact.

BeachMint’s Fresh Take on Celebrity-Backed Brands
For years consumers have participated in monthly clubs for unique foods, wine, music, and other collectibles. But lately, celebrity-backed fashion and accessory direct-to-consumer websites have become increasingly popular, and one company is leading the pack through tremendous growth: BeachMint. After raising another big round of financing in January, the multi-vertical startup doesn’t look to be taking it easy anytime soon. BeachMint first saw initial success with JewelMint.

In a Complicated Market, Unilever Goes Simple
Nature-based products are increasingly growing in popularity as consumers become more educated about the products they put in, and on, their bodies. Up until recently, most retail shoppers have had basically two options when it comes to selecting personal skincare products in brick and mortar stores: 1) Pick something off the nicely glistening shelf, or 2) Go to the small and sometimes dusty section labeled “Natural.”

Tina Fey Gets Serious About Hair Color
Following in the footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey is the latest celebrity to back Garnier Nutrisse, the L'Oréal owned line of nature based hair and skin care products. In a new 30-second spot, Tina puts Garnier Nutrisse “to the test."

Old Spice: The Deodorant with Bounce?
Earlier this week, Old Spice launched phase two of a new campaign for its Red Zone body sprays, which includes two co-branded commercials with Proctor and Gamble sister brands Bounce and Charmin. The ads suggest (okay, shout) that Old Spice body spray is too powerful to stay in its own commercial.

Chobani: On Board With Pinterest
In just a few short years, Chobani has morphed itself from a small yogurt company to a $257-million business that’s ranked third among all yogurt brands. And now, according to Fast Company, the Greek yogurt giant is expanding its progressive social strategy to include Pinterest. After noticing that fans were pinning images of the yogurt, the Chobani social media team decided it was time to create an official place for their customers to connect.

See Spot Slim Down, Says Purina
Dogs and cats make great companions, but what about diet and workout buddies? A new campaign by Nestle Purina and Jenny Craig is encouraging consumers to team up with Fido to keep their 2012 New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. The program, called Project Pet Slim Down, also aims to spread awareness about pet obesity. According to the website, it’s a sizable problem — over 50% of dogs and cats in the United States are considered overweight or obese. And with 66% of the adults in the U.S. also considered overweight, losing weight together sounds pretty darn good.

Axe Takes a Cut at Marketing to Women
According to The New York Times, Unilever is releasing a new body spray called Axe Anarchy with hopes of targeting both male and female youths. The brand has, up until this point, strictly been the dousing fragrance of choice for 15–25-year-old males aspiring to “magnetize” the opposite sex.


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