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Original articles from Beth M. Wood.
One Question for Brand Marketers
Most marketing agencies can come up with ideas that will give sales a boost, encourage consumers to sample a product, even spur them to action. But before we can determine the tactics, we must start with the facts. You’ve got to ask yourself one question: (And, no, it’s not “Do I feel lucky?”): Do you believe in this product? (Well do ya, punk?)

Brands: Personified
The latest trend in social? Personification. Brands such as Stubhub, Hormel Foods, and Kraft have created characters that they believe personify their brand. The thinking behind this, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, is that consumers would rather communicate with cartoons than with the brand itself “Consumers,” says Jeff Charney (CEO of Progressive) in this article, “are less likely to have a conversation with a logo, or someone from the social or PR team.”

Delivering on the Brand Promise
Whether your marketing promotion relies on traditional vehicles or social media, there is one constant: the call to action. The verb that appeals to consumers’ sense of purpose: Win a prize, Enter a contest, Visit the retailer, buy, click, send, collect, try, tell, share, like…the list goes on and on. It’s an if-then; if the consumer acts, the brand will provide them with something. But what happens once a consumer takes the requested action?

Build Your Brand by Hosting Events
Brands invest their budgets in advertising, packaging, and promotion. But consider this: there is untold value in events as brand builders. Why consider investing in a consumer event? Where is the value? Here are four reasons to consider investing in events to build the brand. 1. Events, done well, make an emotional connection with the consumer.


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