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Original articles from Christine Turnier.
#StonyfieldStories: Stonyfield Brings Authenticity to Their New Campaign
Who says 2012 is the year of the dragon? According to Stonyfield, this is the year to get to know your food. Stonyfield has launched a year-long campaign called “Know Your Food” that helps consumers know what’s in their refrigerators, and ultimately what’s in their stomachs. The campaign will provide information, tools, and resources to help people make smarter food choices, primarily through a new website, www.IWillKnowMyFood.com.

When Twitter Hashtags Attack: #McDStories
Social media can be a cruel mistress. Sure, it allows brands to speak directly with customers about their experiences. True, it also allows brands to create and distribute marketing messages to billions of eyeballs. The trouble is, sometimes those customers talk back, and they aren’t always “on brand.” Last week, McDonald’s launched what I’m sure they believed to be a brilliant social media campaign. Using their Twitter account, @McDonalds began sharing stories about their brand using the #McDStories hashtag.

If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free: A Lesson from Converse
Soon brand fans like me will be able to make our own sneakers using the “Converse: Made By” Facebook app. Customization within the sneaker industry isn’t particularly new — NikeID, Puma’s now defunct Mongolian BBQ and mi adidas have been offering this service for years. So why is “Converse: Made By” exciting? Because it taps into social media in a powerful, meaningful way.

American Airlines, Greyhound, or Alec Baldwin: Which Brand is at Stake?
Last week, actor Alec Baldwin made headlines for being booted off an American Airlines flight. When asked by flight attendants to turn off his phone, Baldwin refused and, according to American Airlines, became rude to the crew and used inappropriate language. The flight was delayed, and Baldwin was eventually removed from the plane. American Airlines released a statement on Facebook about the events. Alec Baldwin turned to Twitter, then the Huffington Post, to tell his side. End of story, right? Not quite. In his piece on the Huffington Post, Baldwin accuses some flight attendants of turning the once elegant experience of flying into “a Greyhound bus experience."

Brands Give Back During the Holiday Shopping Season
Across America, customers are storming malls in force, hoping to check items off on their holiday shopping lists at the best prices available. But many shoppers are looking for something else in the gifts they are giving this year. According to a recent study, 94% of consumers are likely to switch brands, about equal in price and quality, to one that supports a social issue.

Is Pink Bad for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
October marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This annual event aims to generate awareness for breast cancer and raise money for finding a cure. This event also is pretty hard to miss. Why? Because it is bright pink. Pink pins are on every lapel. Walk into almost any store in this month and you’ll see pink merchandise that encourages customers to “shop their way to a cure.”

IKEA Introduces Daddy Daycare
It all starts with the catalog. Every few months, IKEA sends me a catalog that inevitably has me looking around my living room for lamps, coffee tables, or throw pillows that need to be replaced. I begin to plot my next trip to my local IKEA much as a child does her first trip to Disneyland — with anticipation and unbridled excitement.

Is Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Cute, Cool, or Critical?
As customers are embracing increasingly hectic lives, they are turning to their mobile phones to make more than calls. They are using them to research products, engage with brands, and even make purchases. Make no mistake — the mobile era is upon us. As with any new technology, it can be difficult to figure out how to integrate mobile into your strategy.

Levi’s Tries Cause Marketing on for Size
What do jeans, clean water, and South African orphans have in common? Levi Strauss & Co. Levi’s recently launched their Go Forth campaign to generate awareness and funding for innovative non-profit organizations. In exchange for fan engagement (be it a like on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, or a view on YouTube) Levi’s will donate money to a cause.

Got Klout?: Why a Klout Perks Campaign Might Work for Your Brand
Social media turned traditional marketing on its head. Though many marketers have come to terms with this new world order, marketing within it can be tricky. Traditional channels now seem so much easier. You knew who and what was influential, be it a TV program everyone was watching or that reviewer who consumers trusted.

The (Burger) King's Speech: What Mascots Tell Us About Brands
After seven years, Burger King is retiring The King. You know The King: this personification of the fast-food brand is known for popping up in the most unexpected places with burgers in hand, be it on a construction site, on a football field, or even your own bed. As we mourn the passing of The King, let us take this opportunity to look at what brand mascots are, and what role they play in a brand’s marketing strategy.

Are Whole Foods' Wellness Clubs Half-Baked?
As a kid, my mother used to tell me, “You are what you eat.” Though usually a ploy to get me to put down Twinkies in favor of carrots, this standby cherished by moms everywhere is now being embraced by a large corporation: Whole Foods. Last week, Whole Foods announced their new Wellness Clubs. These centers are designed to encourage healthy eating and help customers make more educated nutritional decisions. This in-store program will initially launch in five locations across the country, strategically located in or close to urban centers. Each Wellness Club offers classes, including sessions on the basics of healthy eating.


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