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Bring Your Corporate Holiday Card to Life
By: Angela Bright
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Distributing a corporate holiday card is a great opportunity for your company to display its values and build brand awareness. Holiday cards have evolved past the typical rectangular-shaped greeting card that often looks bland and…well, typical. eCards have become the preferred cost-efficient, eco-friendly choice and the possibilities are almost endless in terms of design and animation. A greeting card can serve as an opportunity to be creative and (hopefully) leave a lasting impression that will get people talking about your business (a nice little gift doesn’t hurt either!). Consider these ideas when putting together your corporate holiday card, and if you haven’t started already, you may want to hurry up!
Differentiation still applies. Your clients may get dozens of holiday cards, and just as you aim to differentiate your business, differentiate your holiday card. If you go the hard copy route, consider a different shape for your card. If you choose an eCard, incorporate fun animation, interactive features, or video (see “Engage” below).
Carefully craft the message. Although you are using the card for marketing purposes, you don’t want it to come off as a blatant marketing piece. The message should focus on the client. Therefore, the card shouldn’t be used as another opportunity to talk about your products, services, or accomplishments. In addition, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t cross the line between creative and tacky, or funny and inappropriate. If you are questioning whether or not your card will offend your clients, consider a more generic message.
Get personal. Business is built on relationships and as with any relationship, people want to feel special. Despite the increase of electronic cards, receiving a printed card with a hand-written note may be a nice personal touch. If your company is doing an eCard, work with the creative agency to see if there are options for individuals to personalize the card for their specific business contacts. It's the little things that often leave the biggest impression, and personally thanking Bob for his 20 years of business may get you 20 more years.
Engage. There goes that word again. Modern marketing is all about engaging and interacting with your audience. If you create an eCard, consider incorporating a fun game. There's always that time of day when people need a break from their work and maybe they’ll remember that fun game from your eCard that they can play. BMW allows fans to customize the company’s Christmas video card by adding a message and a photo of their own. Another way to make your card interactive (and show your commitment to charitable giving) is to have a poll that allows recipients to vote on a list of charities to which your company has offered to donate.
Have you come across any noteworthy corporate holiday cards this year?

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