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The Dodo is Finding New Revenue Streams Via Its Animal Stars
By: Digiday
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With plans to move into show formats that extend beyond the three- to five-minute mark, The Dodo is expanding its series franchises beyond social platforms too.

Looking to capitalize on the successes of shows like “Comeback Kids,” which has over 700 million views, The Dodo has found new content distribution opportunities in a licensing partnership with DisneyNOW, an experiential partnership with Airbnb, and opportunities to further extend its live events programming. The Dodo president YuJung Kim said that while the brand was born from creating viral social media content, her team refocused on creating series franchises about two years ago. Now, Kim said they’re looking to find more ways to engage the audiences that have grown out of these series. 

“Niche is the new mainstream, and we saw that in the animal category. There are breed-specific fan groups,” Kim said, pointing to the franchise “Pittie Nation,” created for pitbull lovers. “We wanted to lean into this trend and build specific communities in our viewership.” 

While The Dodo has recently managed to move into more traditional long-form video formats — it recently announced a partnership with Netflix to create an original series, called “Izzy Bee’s Koala World,” following its Animal Planet show, “Dodo Heroes” — three- to five-minute social videos are its bread and butter. It produces around 200 videos per month, Kim said.

And some of its series have grown immensely popular. Its “Odd Couples” series, for example, which is on its seventh season, has garnered over 2 billion views and has since expanded beyond traditional video distribution platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to join the streaming world. This month, it launched on Disney’s TV streaming app, DisneyNOW, with 46 pre-existing episodes.

The series is also leaving the screen in February next year, with a book titled “50 Odd Couples,” as part of the Dodo’s three-book deal with Scholastic. The first book, released this fall, was called “Pumpkin’s Story” and based off of The Dodo’s “Comeback Kids” video series. “Pumpkin’s Story” was originally available only through Scholastic’s book fairs and book clubs before becoming available on Amazon. 




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