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4 Tips to Create a Timeless Brand
By: Inc.
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Take a moment to think about the Coca-Cola brand. What comes to mind? One thing is probably the company's signature red and white, cursive logo; it's instantly recognizable and it's hardly changed over the 127 years since it was introduced to consumers. Like many other people, you also might associate Coca-Cola with polar bears, Santa Claus and cute ads that make you smile.

What does all of this tell you? It shows that Coca-Cola is a timeless brand. And the key to a timeless brand is more than just a logo; it's a feeling. While your business may not be able to reach the level of success Coca-Cola has achieved, you can still create a meaningful brand that stands the test of time

Here's how to create a timeless brand. 

Define your brand story. 

The backbone to a timeless brand is the story behind it. If you create a brand without defining your brand story first, your brand will be nearly meaningless. After all, a brand isn't just about your logo and the look of your website. Rather, it should evoke a feeling in your customers, give them an idea of your company values and explain the purpose of your company. 

To define your brand story, think about the past, present and future of your company. For instance, our company started with myself looking for a solution, not finding it and creating my own. Now and in the future, we help other businesses take control and make it look good for their customers while doing it. Think about the true purpose of your company and turn it into a story that resonates with your target audience. 

Don't pay attention to fads. 

When creating your brand, don't pay too much attention to fads. Since fads have a short lifespan, they lose their luster and quickly become outdated. If you base your brand on a fad, in no time at all you
might be itching for a rebrand. 

Plus, just because a certain design trend looks really cool, doesn't mean it will work for your business. Make sure the look of your brand matches your story and message. 

Keep it simple. 

One of the keys to a timeless brand is being memorable; your customers should be able to recognize your brand instantly. It might be tempting to go all out when creating your brand, such as adding numerous colors and design elements, but doing so can actually make your brand harder for your customers to remember.

Don't complicate things. Instead, keep it simple. Once you create a simple, solid brand, you can play around with different elements later on. For instance, you can have a bit more fun with the social media content you share.


But remember, stay consistent. Make sure the fun elements you experiment with are still relevant to your brand. 

Let your brand evolve. 

Creating a timeless brand doesn't mean you'll never have to change. People are constantly evolving and what they need and want will change over time as well. If you want your business to be successful, your brand will need to evolve, too. 



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