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Pizza Hut is Revamping Its Signature Pan Pizza
By: Fortune
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Pizza Hut is altering one of its signature dishes, announcing plans to change the recipe for its Original Pan Pizza, effective immediately.

The chain has revamped its sauce and the cheese topping on the pie, as well as using a new type of pan that results in a crisper crust. (It’s also lowering the cost, at least temporarily, to build momentum for the pizza.)

“Pizza Hut has a rich history of things we’re known for, and creator of the Original Pan Pizza is certainly at the top of the list,” said Marianne Radley, chief brand officer at Pizza Hut in a statement. “Re-inventing our most iconic Pizza Hut menu item is just another way we’re showing our customers that as a company we’re about the pizza first and will never become complacent when it comes to taste.”

The new pan pizza comes as Pizza Hut faces increased competition from its rivals. Dominos shares increased 31% last year, as sales soared, in part because of the company’s use of technology, such as its moble app. Papa John’s, meanwhile, seems to have the worst of its problems behind it and is showing signs of a turnaround.

Pizza Hut, though, had a flat fourth-quarter of 2018. A recent partnership with the NFL and adding services such as beer delivery could help spur a rebound. And should pizza lovers take to the new recipe, it could help turn things around even quicker.

“We know that taste is king for our customers,” said Penny Shaheen, senior director of culinary innovation and strategy at Pizza Hut. “We’ve put a lot of energy and love into refining this beloved pizza.”



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