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Pornhub's Beesexual Campaign Tries to Save the Bees
By: Fast Company
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The dwindling bee population crisis is a serious issue that’s been dogging beekeepers and farmers for decades.

One of the most persistent issues facing honeybees in particular is Colony Collapse Disorder, which the U.S. Department of Agriculture defines as “a dead colony with no adult bees and with no dead bee bodies but with a live queen, and usually honey and immature bees, still present.” In 2018, there was a 15% increase in CCD, which stands to impact the $15-billion value honeybee colonies bring to U.S. agriculture through their efficient means of pollinating fruits and vegetables.

Bee conservation groups have called on everyday citizens to do their part in their own communities by planting bee-friendly gardens, avoiding harsh pesticides, and even creating their own hives.

Or you could just watch porn.

Pornhub has announced “Beesexual,” a new campaign to bring awareness to the declining bee populations. Under the new Beesexual channel, users can scroll through “bee porn,” i.e. short videos of bees foraging that feature voiceovers from prominent porn stars.

Titles like “International Bee-Kake Party,” “Interracial Gay Pollen Heist Gets Rough,” and “Mature Natural Gets Plowed By Worker Bee” offer somewhat educational, and comically hypersexualized, information on bee pollination. Note: The videos are actually pretty SFW (if you have headphones on), but Beesexual still lives on pornhub.com, so all those suggested videos of real porn surrounding your philanthropic bee porn are most definitely NSFW.

For every bee porn video you watch, Pornhub will donate to bee-saving organizations Operation Honey Bee and the Center for Honeybee Research. The exact amount was not disclosed.




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