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Maxwell House Teams With Amazon for Passover
By: Danny Flamberg
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Everything old is new again; with a twist. The 87-year-old Maxwell House Passover Haggadah has teamed up with Amazon’s “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” to promote both brands by appealing to nostalgia among its most likely audience. The Passover promotion not only targets the most observed Jewish holiday, it revives a waning brand and sells coffee.

The Passover prayer book, sponsored and distributed by Maxwell House, originally issued in 1932 and continuously published since, has become a cultural icon among American Jews. Many of us used it at every Passover Seder in childhood. Its estimated that there are 50 million copies in print.

And now, redesigned in pink, with retro illustrations representing the Emmy-winning Amazon series, the promotion has a new life on social media. Maxwell House, a brand eclipsed in the coffee sphere, expects to distribute 40-50,00 copies as a gift with purchase. The connection between the 1950s theme of the show and the sweet memories of Baby Boomers’ and their millennial children is smart targeting. 

The lesson for marketers is that knowing your audience and playing to their experiences and emotions will resonate and create a halo effect for a brand. It will be interesting to see if the sales spike will be sustained when the 8-day holiday, which begins April 19th, ends. Happy Passover!

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About the Author
Danny Flamberg, EVP Managing Director of Digital Strategy and CRM at Publicis based in New York, has been building brands and building businesses for more than 30 years.Prior to joining Publicis, he led a successful global consulting group called Booster Rocket, as Managing Partner. Before becoming a consultant, he was Vice President of Global Marketing at SAP, SVP and Managing Director at Digitas in New York and Europe and President of Relationship Marketing at Amiratti Puris Lintas and Lowe Worldwide.
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