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Seth Rogen Launches Cannabis Brand
By: Fast Company
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This was probably inevitable, right? Some of Seth Rogen’s most popular and well-known characters–from Freaks and Geeks to Knocked Up to Pineapple Express to This Is the End–have been stoners. Over the years the actor, writer, and director has become well-known IRL for his toking enthusiasm. Now Rogen and his creative and producing partner Evan Goldberg have teamed up with Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth to launch a new weed brand called Houseplant.

In a statement, Rogen said, “Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication. Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, firsthand experience, and respect we have for cannabis.”

Goldberg said the Canadian-born pair has been working on this for the last five years.

Houseplant is launching three strains over the coming months: Houseplant Sativa, Houseplant Indica, and Houseplant Hybrid. Houseplant Sativa will be the first available for purchase in early April through provincially regulated retailers and online in Rogen and Goldberg’s home province of British Columbia. The Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica strains, along with softgels and pre-rolled joints, will follow later this year and will soon be available across Canada, which legalized recreational cannabis use in October 2018.

The new launch represents Canopy’s third major consumer cannabis brand, joining Tweed and Tokyo Smoke. In 2016, Tweed got its own taste of celebrity when it signed a licensing deal with Snoop Dogg’s Leafs by Snoop. Houseplant–and the suggested interested audience any association with Rogen brings–is consistent with Canopy’s strategy of taking cues from packaged goods companies like Procter & Gamble, approaching the recreational market through targeted brands.



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