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Avocados From Mexico Demands Guaranteed Audience Reach
By: Digiday
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After finding that a majority of its digital ads were not reaching its target audience of women between the ages of 24 and 55, Avocados From Mexico is pushing for digital ad sellers to guarantee its ads hit the mark 70 percent of the time, as measured by Nielsen. But that can be costly to ensure.

Last year, Avocados From Mexico began asking publishers and digital ad platforms to guarantee that at least 40 percent of its digital ads would reach its target audience after the food company saw that only 20-30 percent of its ads were being shown to that audience segment. This year, the marketer is trying to raise its minimum on-target delivery threshold to 70 percent, said Ivonne Kinser, head of digital marketing at Avocados From Mexico.

However, there’s a price to pay for improved accuracy in digital advertising. While publishers and platforms are able to guarantee that the ads reach their target audience — with Nielsen checking that they do — they demand more money in exchange. While Kinser declined to say exactly how much more digital ad sellers charge the brand for the guaranteed on-target delivery, “it’s a lot,” she said. “If it weren’t that much, we would go with 100 percent [guaranteed delivery] at once.”




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