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How Adidas Uses Tech to Stay Ahead
By: Fast Company
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Athletes around the world turn to Adidas for world-class products. Whether it’s for shoes, pants, or anything else, the German-based company agonizes over how to make everything look, feel, and perform the best.

To stay ahead of the curve, Adidas built its own innovation lab, which it named Future Lab. There, the company simulates all aspects of athleticism–be it a runner running or a soccer player kicking a ball. The company analyzes both how athletes perform, as well as how the items themselves hold up. This helps Adidas perfect the products it makes, as well as come up with new ideas for the future.

We recently traveled to Germany to see the Adidas Future Lab in action. The company showed off the ways it tests both athletes and products, as well as the next-generation technology it turns to to maintain its competitive edge. A mechanical foot kicked a soccer ball with what seemed like the force of Lionel Messi. A runner ran around the lab while a tracking pad was able to record her motions and force. Adidas performs precisely those kinds of simulations everyday in the innovation space.

Put together, we get a glimpse of how technology informs Adidas’s brand and product strategy. Watch our inside look into Future Lab, and get an idea for how the 69-year-old company prepares for the next generation of athletes.


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