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Epic Xmas Collaboration: Lil Jon & The Kool-Aid Man
By: Forbes
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Christmas traditions have many facets–the food, the family, the Santa, the Baby Jesus, the Kool-Aid… wait, what?

Eggnog and mulled wine may be the more established seasonal drinks, but a new high-octane collaboration between Lil Jon and Kool-Aid is aiming to put the summertime staple on your holiday radar.

Created with agency Mcgarrybowen, it’s the newest entry in the canon of branded holiday hymns. As collaborations go, Lil Jon pulls most of the weight here, shout-singing the chorus, “All I really want for Christmas, is everything on my list, baby!” For his part, Kool-Aid Man does sing a couple of  “Jingle Bells” verses but–like a Sugar Water Groot–only using the words in his signature catchphrase “Oh yeah.”

Think of it as a yuletide ode to sugar water and unfettered greed. It’s the musical equivalent of probably the brattiest, most selfish kid you could ever imagine on Christmas.


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