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Apple's First 'Ad' Could Fetch $60,000
By: Inc.
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A single note on a piece of notebook paper that Steve Jobs probably spent 10 minutes writing in 1976 is going up for auction today, and the auction house running the whole thing estimates it could fetch $60,000.

It runs 84 words--meaning it's about 15 percent as long as this article--and it was written apparently in ball point pen.

Quite possibly, it amounts to the first-ever ad for an Apple product, as it describes the Apple 1 computer, on sale according to Jobs in the letter for $75, and which Jobs refers to as "a real deal."

Jobs apparently wrote it for a friend who was thinking of buying an Apple. Other main features he touts on the page include the fact that it had a screen -- a "full CRT terminal," which at the time was "revolutionary," according to an auction house summary, as "most other hobbyist computers required programming based upon a bank of flashing LEDs on the front panel."

Accompanying the notebook paper: two Polaroid photos of an assembled board, which the auction house surmises was "likely one of the rare lost Apple-1 production prototypes," plus a Polaroid screen shot of the CRT screen, which displays Jobs's address and phone number at the time.




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