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Twitter Going Chronological Again
By: Fast Company
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Twitter, it seems, may have actually listened to its critics–at least about one feature. Yesterday, the  platform’s official Twitter account tweeted that it’s testing a new way for users to experience their feeds.

Since 2016, the company has been trying to make users use an algorithmic feed, which would try to figure out the most important tweets for every user and put those at the top. Many people (myself included) hated this new timeline–the very reason we use the social network is for up-to-date information. In the age of trending topics and computer-curated user experiences, Twitter was the last social network to provide us with an unadulterated timeline experience. While there have been ways to get around the nontemporal feed, most of us have gotten used to seeing hours–if not days–old tweets, that may have garnered some likes but became quickly irrelevant, at the top of our timelines.

Now, it seems Twitter is looking into changing this–or at least trying to compromise. It announced that it’s trialing a new feature that, with the click of a button, allows users to change between the two feeds. So, if someone wants to know what tweets are garnering the most engagement, they can go to the algorithmic view. But if they just want a streaming timeline of everything that’s happening at the current moment, they can have that view too. A win-win, I suppose.




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