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Dwayne Johnson Drops New Project Rock for Under Armour
By: Fast Company
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Dwayne Johnson is a content machine. This is not a controversial statement. The man averages three blockbuster movies a year, stars in HBO’s Ballers, and cranks out enough Instagram video to qualify his feed as its own life-affirming pep talk network. Now the star is dropping his latest Project Rock collection with Under Armour.

Aside from the whole celebrity workout gear situation, another thing that makes The Rock unique is that he’s got his own personal ad agency. Launched a year ago, Seven Bucks Creative is the strategic and marketing arm of The Rock and partner Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks production company, and it works on all of Johnson’s projects in some capacity. For Project Rock, Seven Bucks Creative takes on the more traditional ad agency role of handling the strategic and creative marketing for the brand.

The new Project Rock campaign is an extension of one launched in March called “Build the Belief,” and has the same stylish-yet-gritty vibe. But whereas the first campaign had Johnson narrating his journey from broke and jobless to worldwide superstar, this new work aims to focus on the day-to-day commitment needed to attain one’s goals.




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