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Kraft Convinced Mayo, FL to Rename Itself Miracle Whip
By: Fast Company
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The small north-central town of Mayo, Florida, renamed itself to Miracle Whip as part of a branding stunt by Kraft Heinz, reports CNBC. Before this makes you lose all faith in society, it’s important to note that the name change isn’t permanent and only lasted for a few days. The city unveiled its temporary new name on its water tower and hosted a picnic with foods made with Miracle Whip.

In exchange, the city will receive up to $25,000 in city beautification funds–and a bunch of short stories like this one written about it. This isn’t the first time corporate branding officers and small towns have worked together. Earlier this summer Dominos Pizza paid to fix potholes in Milford, Delaware, in exchange for the city letting them place their logos on the fixes.



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