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Foursquare; IHOP's Rebrand Was an IFLOP
By: Fast Company
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Last week, my beloved International House of Pancakes (IHOP) changed its name to IHOb, or the International House of burgers. It was a big-time rebranding and, well, a pivot from flapjacks to hamburgers. (I guess they didn’t think to change it to IHOPb, the International House of Pancake Burgers. If they had, I’d be there right now.)

But now Foursquare is all over Twitter playing spoiler. The “location intelligence” company says its data shows that the big rebranding–complete with media blitz and
wacko YouTube vids–didn’t really send people flooding into the restaurants. In fact, Foursquare says it didn’t see any increased traffic into the new IHOb at all.

Adweek gave credit to iHOb for responding well to the decreasing popularity of pancakes and the rising interest in burgers, and for making funny on the social medias. But, you know, likes and retweets aren’t going to keep the lights on in the stores.



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