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Behind Lyft's New Look
By: Adweek
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Lyft has a new look. The company created a signature font, icons and expanded its color palette—adding “a dynamic secondary palette,” according to Lyft creative director Jesse McMillin—as a way to energize and elevate the growing ride-sharing company.

Created by the company’s in-house creative team, the new look is part of a broader strategy to refine how the brand goes to market at a time when the company is growing. And the team isn’t done—evolving the brand’s look and feel to make sure it is modern and relevant is a continual project.

The point of the new work is to protect and elevate the brand while “finding all these new ways to make ourselves more sophisticated, more dynamic and to bring energy to who we are as a brand,” explained McMillin, who joined Lyft from Virgin Airlines four years ago. “To me, that leans into things like our visual identity, the colors, design principals and personality, our tone of voice and how we show up in the world or our digital experience.”

Instead of moving away from the company’s signature pink, black and white color palette, the design team worked to come up with lots of dustier pastel colors, that would accentuate those foundational colors to make sure the brand could be as visually interesting and dynamic as possible.

“We send hundreds of emails everyday,” said McMillin. “If we’re doing that and we only use these three colors we might not have enough of a dynamic quality to make sure these things are brought to life, to make sure they are interesting and relevant to the particular pieces of communication that we’re sending.”

To create the refreshed look and feel the creative team cooked up three main brand principles as well as a comprehensive brand guideline, something that’s been in the works for the last seven or eight months. “A lot of it was looking at, how do we elevate and bring to life who we are as a brand and create a whole new cast of characters, so to speak, to give a broad range of people the tools that they need while not losing that core of who we are?” said McMillin.


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