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5 Times Marketing Helped Change the World
By: The Drum
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At The Drum, we believe marketing can change the world, to this point here are five instances exactly that happened with previous award winners of The Drum.

With the Marketing Can Change the World Awards deadline a little over a week away we hope to inspire and encourage you to use your creativity to solve world issues.

Agency: SapientNitro

Client: Natural Resources Defence Council


Launched in 2016, this campaign aimed to raise awareness of food waste in the US and alter behaviours of the American citizens.

In America, 26% of produce will be wasted before it reaches the store shelves, which comes down to it being an odd shape. SapientNitro’s summer interns came together after agreeing that this shouldn't be the case and produced the awareness campaign which integrated broadcast TV, online film, digital banners, pre-roll ads, press, and out-of-home to raise awareness on the issue. These communications drove traffic to savefood.com, a website which educates the user on how to make meaningful changes on food wastage.

What’s even more so, the site’s content is bite-sized and shareable on social media to further spread their message. 

Agency: Xaxis EMEA

Client: SURF Survivor's Fund

Campaign: Changing Rwandan Genocide Survivor's Lives With Programmatic

Digital media platform, Xaxis EMEA joined forces with TNS and Lightspeed to aid Rwandan charity SURF Survivor’s Fund through using programmatic advertising.

The campaign's main focus was to promote their newly launched website, which also provided visitors the opportunity to make donations and improve the lives of women and children following the horrific genocide in 1994.

This was successful through a combination of market research designed by TNS and scaling it with the help of Lightspeed. The agency utilised highly targeted digital advertising and data optimised creatives and drove thousands of new users to the site which increased brand awareness and a higher likelihood of donations to the charity.



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