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What The Eclipse Looked Like From Delta’s Flight Of A Lifetime
By: Fast Company
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Anna Ruth Williams and Cooper Pettway found each other in the Delta Sky Club in Portland, awaiting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They were going to fly with the eclipse.

A Redditer had already caught wind of this potentially spectacular flight, Delta 2466, which is how Williams learned of it. Normally, this is a routine transcontinental flight, but today would be different–the plane happened to be traveling through the “path of totality” during the solar eclipse. The paths of the sun and the moon were going to intersect in such a way that one would blot out the other for a course that bisected the continental United States–an event last seen in 1918.

Williams was in Portland for business, Pettway for pleasure. Both were booked on the same Atlanta-bound flight. The two, along with dozens of other passengers, were going to have front-row seats for a celestial light show.

When they got to the airport, other passengers were abuzz, unsure of what would happen. Some travelers were normal commuters who just happened to have booked a special treat; others reserved this flight specifically for the view. One man timed the end of his Alaskan vacation intentionally to catch this flight. Pettway counts himself in that bucket–he was less than 1,000 miles away from his millionth mile traveled on Delta, and thought a nice way to ring in the event would be to travel through complete darkness for a minute or two.


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