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The Opportunity Cost Of Marketing
By: Forbes
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When we experience Shiny New Object Syndrome (learning something new and thinking it’s the solution to all our marketing woes), we often become myopic in our implementation. For example, rather than perceiving an email marketing funnel as one of many potential uses of our time and resources, we often jump in blindly and completely with high hopes and crossed fingers.

And that new shiny object might very well be a valuable solution. But without proper evaluation, we miss what could have been had we done something else.

I’m guilty of this time and time again. When I first started my business, I got all my clients through networking. Then one day I took a course on how to network effectively. One of the exercises was to make a spreadsheet of all the clients I had ever had and trace them back to the source. Then, once I started to find patterns in the sources of my clients, I would know where to double down my efforts.


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