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The Elements Of Influence: 5 Secrets To Building An Influential Brand
By: Forbes
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When I hear leaders talk about brand-building, I hear one of two things most often: Building a brand is as simple as logging on to Twitter and being active on social, or it’s a process that doesn’t generate returns quickly enough to be worth all the investment. Sure, being online is key, and they’re not wrong when they say it takes an investment. But it’s not as cut-and-dried as either of these statements makes it out to be.

Speaking from experience, it can take years — around four or five of them, in my case — to build real influence behind your brand. It’s not a sprint; building a brand is a marathon. You’ve got to prepare and condition yourself for the long haul if you ever hope to experience that runner’s high. The miles, however, will be worth it.

It’s all about setting your expectations from the start and understanding how much investment, both in time and money, is needed to establish influence in your space. The ladder to industry influence is a long one, and there are a lot of rungs along the way. You can’t take one step to reach the top — you’ve got to keep a steady pace and integrate various tactics to pull yourself up and build an influential brand.


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