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10 Ways Automation is Changing the Future of Marketing
By: Forbes
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Automation and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important for the world of marketing, as they can significantly change how communicators and marketers work, both in terms of customer engagement and productivity.

Although still in an early phase, with 85% of marketers who use automation tools believing they don’t use them to their full potential, this technology has the potential to significantly change the future of marketing.

Below, 10 communications executives from Forbes Communications Council discuss the importance of automation and how this innovative technology is going to shape marketing as we know it.

1. The human touch will remain.

AI provides a great way to answer low-value questions, such as an online equivalent of interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Still, automation doesn't handle complex, multi-level issues or build an emotional connection. There will always be high value in adding in the human element to build trust and connections. That's what allows you to close the deal or answer the most pressing questions. - Holly ChessmanGlance Networks Inc.


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