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When Will Virtual Reality Become Common In Marketing?
By: Forbes
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Virtual reality (VR) has been promised as one of the most revolutionary technology of the 2010s, and its implications for marketing and advertising are supposed to be enormous. By 2018, it’s projected that there will be 171 million active VR users, which is an impressive figure, and as the technology grows more advanced, that number is only going to develop further.

But here’s the thing—marketers have been looking forward to the VR revolution for years now. The release of Oculus Rift last year was thought to herald the tipping point for the technology—yet sales are lagging far behind expectations, with fewer than a million units sold (as of March). Think of your own friends and family members; how many of them have invested in VR technology? How many companies do you know that are producing and releasing integrated VR advertising?


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