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April The Giraffe And Toys ‘R’ Us Continue To Ride The Viral Wave
By: Forbes
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Chances are, you’re familiar with April the Giraffe and her infamous pregnancy. Animal Adventure Park zoo in upstate New York has been live-streaming a video feed of April, promising that viewers would have the opportunity to see the pregnant animal give birth. And as Jen Wieczner of Fortune reports, interest is at a ‘breaking-the-internet’ type of boiling point, with millions upon millions of viewers tuning in – and Toys ‘R’ Us is sharing the viral spotlight. Just how big of a spotlight? Over the past two weeks solely from Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube uploads and live-streams, combines over 43.5 million viewers. That's right now, let alone anticipating the growth in those numbers once the pregnancy actually happens.

Right place, right time
Toys ‘R’ Us, who has been looking to avoid the decline most major retailers have been facing, has been sponsoring the feed for the past two weeks, formerly commanded by exotic food nutrition company, Mazuri. Although recently reporting corporate layoffs, Toys ‘R’ Us is looking to bounce back. Now, their representatives are conducting interviews with zoo staff, providing exclusive footage, personalizing their ecommerce landing pages, and—of course—prominently having their Toys ‘R’ Us logo displayed on all streamed videos. Many company leaders believe the feed is helping drive shoppers to their stores, with giraffe merchandise naturally being popular especially with search volume dramatically increasing – I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen ‘giraffe’ be the #1 trending search term for animals.


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