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Disney As Master Marketer: A Tale As Old As Time
By: Forbes
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Disney is, once again, providing a master class on how to build, market and deliver a relentlessly relevant brand. In 2016, the company pulled in $7 billion dollars by releasing seven of the year’s top-grossing movies, including Rogue One, Finding Dory, Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War, and operating its well-oiled marketing and merchandising machine that continues to push products people want (just look at Star Wars toy sales this past holiday season). With all this success, it is probably easy to overlook Disney’s recent Beauty and the Beast triumph, but that would be a mistake because there is much we can learn.

Beauty and the Beast is shattering March box office records for Disney here in the U.S. and globally. And it will have the staying power that few movies (sans Frozen, also from Disney) get to enjoy. Plus, it will become a merchandising powerhouse again, 25 years after it did it the first time with the original, Oscar-nominated cartoon version that captured all of our imaginations.

Beauty and the Beast has again validated Disney’s place as one of the greatest marketers of all time. And there are a few easy, but critically important ideas that all marketers can take away from Disney’s success.


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