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How Instagram Fueled the Whole30 Diet Craze
By: Digiday
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When Rachael Genson’s friend first told her about the Whole30 program in January, she quickly shrugged it off. After all, the Austin-based PR manager had been against fad diets her entire life. But barely six months later, she was scrolling through her Instagram feed when she decided to give it a go.

“My biggest impetus was their highly engaged Instagram community,” she said. “I realized that it was less a typical diet and more an educational program on how to have a better relationship with food.”

She is hardly alone. The Whole30 program has emerged as one of the foremost health crazes in recent years, consisting of a strict 30-day dietary “reset,” in which followers swear off dairy, grains, legumes, soy, alcohol, sugar, and any processed foods. It is not for the faint of heart or weak of impulse. If you haven’t heard about it at your gym, you’ve definitely seen it on Instagram with various versions of the hashtag #whole30 — the program is as much about broadcasting your journey on social media as it is about following the diet.


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