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How Vans, A 50-Year-Old Sneaker Brand, Has Attained Eternal Youth
By: Forbes
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In the video launching Vans' 2017 global campaign, called "This Is Off The Wall," the brand defines its ethos through a series of fast-moving images. Surfers, skateboarders, graffiti artists and musicians are all decidedly "off the wall." A dork twirling on a hoverboard is not.

The video is classic Vans, speaking to a young, free-spirited consumer. If there are any punk rock-listening, skateboard-video-watching teenage boys out there who aren’t already wearing Vans, the campaign will almost certainly convince them that they should be.

But “This Is Off The Wall” – which for the first time, seeks to define the company’s 50-year-old slogan -- isn’t about conversion so much as it’s about reaffirmation. For the past 12 years, since VF Corporation paid a reported $396 million for the California lifestyle brand that a financial analyst described at the time as “tired…but with a strong niche position,” in the Los Angeles Times, Vans has been rapidly expanding – but you’d never know it from their marketing. “This Is Off The Wall” confirms the company’s commitment to authenticity, individualism and youth culture. Today, Vans is a $2.3 billion international company, the biggest and fastest growing of VF’s portfolio, which includes heavyweights like The North Face, Timberland and Wrangler. It's an undeniably grown-up business, but it still wants to operate with the soul of a sun-kissed California skater.


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