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Living Proof That A Hobby Can Become An Enterprise - Meet Kevin Curry
By: Forbes
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As I have grown as an entrepreneur, I’ve met startup founders whose stories inspired me to change and improve how I operate my business. Instead of keeping those lessons to myself, I’m  sharing them with the Forbes community in a series I’m calling Lessons From Innovators.

Kevin Curry is the founder of FitMenCook, an online community that encourages people to live their most fit and healthy lives. Kevin went from having no expertise in nutrition, fitness and health to becoming one of the most sought-after influencers in that industry in five years. Kevin’s experience in his field was minimal before going into FitMenCook full-time, yet he became successful. I’ll unpack the secrets to his success now.

Hack Your Way, Then Capitalize On It
Five years ago, Kevin was very unhappy in terms of his health. He was experiencing lots of weight cycling as he struggled to maintain a regimen, spending $300 a month on anything he thought would help. He knew he couldn’t make it alone, so he reached out to a personal trainer. The trainer put Kevin on a bland diet, the typical bodybuilding diet at the time. This was destined to be another failed attempt. Kevin is from the South, where food is an expression of love and caring to others. He couldn’t maintain the bland diet long-term because it went against his nature. On top of that, Kevin was early in his career and the trainer became incredibly expensive.


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