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The Mystery of Ad-Buyer Blacklists
By: Digiday
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The rise of Breitbart and focused attention on hard-right, fraudulent and fake-news sites have created renewed interest in blacklisting among brand clients, who look to it as a way to make sure their ads aren’t appearing on sites that will embarrass the brand.

It’s a tactic not without its issues. Buyers generally have a list of sites they are blacklisting that can be sent to clients. Clients can obviously tweak and remove as needed. But it’s difficult. For example, a blacklist template that is currently being used by multiple buyers includes everything from obviously problematic sites like “addictinginfo.org” to legitimate news sites like The Drudge Report. There’s even “satire,” like The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report.

Mediasmith’s blacklist, which includes about 900 sites, was based off a list created by Massachusetts’ Merrimack College professor Melissa Zimdars, who after the election made a publicly available Google doc that she said categorized “false, misleading, clickbaity and satirical news sources.”



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