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How This Founder Created Three Successful Businesses In Three Years
By: Forbes
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Erika Geraerts knows how to stay busy. This 27 year old from Melbourne, Australia started her first company with two friends in September 2013 called Willow & Blake, a copywriting and editorial agency. The agency was followed by Little Big Sugar Salt, a cafe in Melbourne, and Frank Body, a skincare and beauty company best known for their scrub made of coffee grounds.  Geraerts doesn't shy away from exploring the unknown as each business is remarkably different. Their individual successes, however, are not coincidental. It was Willow & Blake's witty copywriting, paired with cheeky images of women and men using the coffee scrub, that propelled the Frank Body brand to stardom on Instagram. Currently the brand has 690K followers and retail partnerships with Urban Outfitters and Asos. Frank Body has been fully self-funded to date, and while they haven't disclosed 2016 revenue, the 2015 figure was more than $20 million.

Six months ago Geraerts moved on from both Willow & Blake and Frank Body to make time for new projects, such as Fluffhorse, which Geraerts describes as a publishing company "of sorts." Geraerts and I got coffee when we were both in New York at the Brooklyn based Sweatshop. We discussed how she got started, Frank Body's Instagram catastrophe and her advice on how to stay sane while running multiple businesses.


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