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'Logan' Super Bowl Spot Is Another Touchdown For A Superb 'X-Men' Marketing Campaign
By: Forbes
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The trailers for Logan have used unconventional musical choices to the fullest thus far, and this Super Bowl spot is no exception. The 30-second spot uses "Amazing Grace" to add poignancy and pathos to a well-constructed action montage just as the first teaser used Johnny Cash's "Hurt" to let fans know that this wasn't going to be a conventional comic book superhero movie.

Yes, Logan is indeed rated R and it's about to open the Berlin Film Festival which starts this coming Thursday. So, depending on when it screens in the fest, we should start seeing reviews within a week or so. Yes, I've seen the first third of the 133-minute movie and I liked what I saw. And I'm a little excited over the fact that we're a month in and I have no idea what happens in the first two acts of the film.

Here's hoping Fox lets me see it around the same time the festivalgoers do. I'll have to bring my bribing money (or baked goods) to my Cure For Wellness screening tomorrow. Maybe they won't remember the last time they let me see an X-Men movie super early, although I did go to bat for Morgan which is almost spelled/sounds like Logan. And I totally gave a pass to Keeping Up with the Jones!


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