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How Unilever Is Winning With Millennials And Gen Z
By: Forbes
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When price points are similar, brands are facing extreme difficulty when it comes to standing out. But just as with the millennial generation before them, there is one key way that brands can resonate with the pivotal generation z: by offering proof of purpose beyond a bottom line.

Generation z, or as we like to call them, the Pivotal Generation, practices what they preach and demand that brands do the same. This means brands can no longer hide behind red tape or closed doors while pretending to stand for something they have no brand authority to talk about.

Unilever is the perfect example of a brand that has completely captured this mindset. For years, the Axe brand capitalized on perfectly formed models and the tagline “Axe effect,” which described the way women would throw themselves onto any man who used Axe products. In 2016, Axe dumped its stereotypical advertising campaign for one that is more reflective of today’s youth. The “Find Your Magic” campaign first aired in the 2016 Super Bowl with a TV spot featuring the opening tagline, “Who needs that six pack when you’ve got the nose?” The shot opened to show a close-up of a young man with an exceptionally large nose. Instead of pushing him aside or changing him, the campaign embraced his uniqueness and continued to feature other real men, effectively encouraging young men to find their own magic.


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