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How To Prevent 'BrandSlaughter'
By: Forbes
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As entrepreneurs we put a great deal of focus on our visible company attributes such as logo, colors, name and website, reputation, and the esoteric traits of brand promise. But what is a brand, really? It is people’s “gut feelings” about a product, a service or an organization. A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they (your customers, prospective customers and employees) say it is.

“Your reputation precedes you,” is a sign of brand integrity and of excellence in delivering on “brand promise.” It is a sign that your company, employees and products successfully deliver on the commitments they make. The company’s job, then, is to ensure that all client engagements and interactions successfully follow through in upholding that promise.

“Your leadership is cocky,” is a brand characteristic as well. Perhaps cockiness is an intentional part of the company’s culture in an organization that wants to send a message of “we’re auditioning you to decide if you are good enough for us” to its customers. In that respect, it may represent brand integrity for messages such as “are you good enough to be driving a Mercedes?” or “Are you important enough be wearing a custom-made suit?” But the characteristic, even if it’s authentic, may or may not be desirable to the set of customers you are hoping to serve.


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