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Barnana: How Three Friends Created A Multi-Million Dollar Business UpCycling Bananas
By: Forbes
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To combat food and resource waste the concept of upcycling food has recently been gaining mainstream popularity. It’s estimated that one third of the world’s food supply is either lost or wasted, with fruits and vegetables having the highest waste rate of any food produced. Aesthetic shortcomings alone cost farmers on average 20% of their crop yearly. But, what if the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is true?

Unlike recycling, upcycling takes an item that otherwise would be considered waste and rather then breaking it down to extract the raw ingredients the product is either kept in its natural form or turned into something better.

In late 2012, Caue Suplicy (CEO), Matt Clifford (COO), and Nik Ingersoll (CMO) launched Barnana with a mission to create irresistible banana-based snacks by eliminating food waste on organic banana farms in Latin America. Made from upcycled bananas deemed too “imperfect” for consumers, Barnana bites are partially dehydrated bananas based on a Suplicy family recipe that leaves just the right amount of moisture inside to create a healthy and satisfying snack.


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