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3 Tips For CMOs To Improve Conversions With Optimistic Marketing
By: Forbes
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Congratulations, you’ve just survived one of the most divisive political seasons in recent memory. Being inundated by political ads could convince the most seasoned marketing executives that negative works. But, don’t forget the flip-side of the same coin. Optimism also sells. When you inspire your target audience, you’ll find that customers are willing to open their pocketbooks  - be it a product, service or even if it's just an idea you're trying to sell.

Capital One commissioned a study that looked at the general attitude of credit consumers and found that 81% of the credit customers they surveyed were optimistic about the future and their ability to expand their buying power through responsible use of credit, which contributes to an improved credit score. This sense of optimism, when combined with the buying power that a credit card provides, is one of the reasons so many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of providing branded credit cards for their customers.


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