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Yeah, I Bought That Podcast Shirt. Here's Why.
By: Forbes
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On August 30, 2016, Death, Sex & Money podcast host Anna Sale tweeted about a shirt with a ridiculous name.

Yes: this is the Podcast Co-Host Top In Midnight from ModCoth.

The Shirt faced a swift whirl of judgment and praise in a micro-rehashing of 2015's The Dress incident. The response was largely of the eye-rolling, I-can't-even variety, exemplified by this excerpt from The Cut:
Why co-host? Must the singular podcast host get a different shirt altogether? Will Ira Glass never know the pleasure of feeling this 100 percent polyester blouse against his skin? Does it pair well with a tote bag? Is ModCloth ever thinking of unveiling a blogger shirt? Can it just be a large, stain-proof sack? I am spiraling.
Of course, I bought The Shirt immediately (albeit in Sunlight instead of Midnight since my wardrobe is already like 90% blue). And even though The Shirt's hype rose and fell pretty much entirely on August 30, several months later I can't stop thinking about it.


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