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Five Ways Companies Can Use Social Listening To Be More Responsive
By: Forbes
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Social listening is the wave of the future. It’s rooted in an age-old practice that goes back to the early days of customer feedback. But now, instead of bringing a suggestion or complaint to the customer service department, consumers are telling everyone how they feel. No more pencils and little scraps of paper. Today's customers announce their pleasure, or displeasure, to anyone and everyone who will read their Twitter feed, Facebook post, blog or Tumblr.

As a director of communications, I am constantly "listening" for reviews and press coverage. Consumer opinions can be tracked through charts that show trends and interpret consumer chatter. As a result, a customer’s next interaction with a company that engages in the practice of social listening might just be altered for the better.

What are five ways your company should use social listening to be responsive?

1. Predict Impressions For Planned Social Media Campaigns
Brands should create an informed strategy based on analysis of past performance. Today, if a company wants to spend $10,000 on a promoted Tweet, they can look back and see the ROI (return on investment) on similar marketing campaigns. Brands can shape new campaigns accordingly and set expectation levels with a measured level of confidence.


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